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Greetings from the metropolis of Cedar Crest, NM.

My ten year old son, Colt, loves football.  Colt’s football season came to an end this past weekend and he was devastated.   In an effort to pick up his spirits, I promised him that we would practice basketball this coming Monday.  My words of basketball did not keep the tears back….but he did realize that a new season of basketball was just around the corner.  Colt knew football would come to an end….just did not realize how quickly the last day would come….but we all knew it would come.

No truth in politics and YES…..that includes the politicians

As we go through this very difficult economic season, we hear the cries and shouts from all corners of the class ladder.  Turn on the TV or any AM radio station and you will hear the desperate voices…complaining and blaming.  With every complaint and every tear….there is a politician ready to listen and ready to wipe the tears.  But we all know there is no truth in politics…no matter what party you follow.  So when I see the bumper sticker with the face of a politician and the word “HOPE”….I laugh to myself.  Hope where there is no truth….how foolish are we?

We told you so…..

But….underneath the media stories and the political ads lies a small group of individuals that saw this coming.  These individuals are not all on the same page and do not all agree with each other…BUT…they saw it coming. I am not saying these people saw it coming a year ago or two years ago….but some saw it several years ago and some saw it decades ago.

These sophisticated and not so sophisticated individuals wrote articles and books of what is to come.  Others just created websites of the coming gloom and doom.  There were those that studied the cycles and based on history, predicted this economic down turn.  There were others that studied conspiracy theories going back hundreds of years ago.

No matter how they came to the same conclusion…..they all saw it coming.

The “I told you so” group

There are a handful of “I told you so” prognosticators.  Most of the have to do with the stock market, a few with real estate, the others with the banking system.  But if you are interested….here is how I started down this path…..

1) Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki. Like most of you, as a budding entreprenuer, I started out with the series of Robert Kiyosaki books.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad got me thinking differently.  Robert’s book Prophecy…just got me thinking.  Mostly about stocks and retirement funds, the discussion on cycles was very intriguing to me.

2) The Next Great Bubble Boom by Harry S. Dent.  Again…mostly about stocks….but real estate is also mentioned.  This book freaked me out…a little.  But….Harry is almost on the money….so now it freaks me out a lot!  I think it is worth a read…I will probably read it again.

3) The Pirates of Manhattan by Barry J. Dykes.  This is a newer book but worth a read.  A little on the conspiracy theory (okay…a lot) but very interesting and a bit demoralizing.  If that hopelessness feeling does not hit you with this book…the next one might do it.

4) The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is the “king” of all conspiracy theory books I have come across regarding the banking system.  This is a great book if you want to understand banking system from it’s roots….but this is a text book…not an easy read…but the conspiracy stuff reads like a novel.  Per Griffin….everything that is happening today was part of a plan devised in early nineteen hundreds.  Griffin wrote this in the early 90’s.  To give you a better feel for the book…Congressman Ron Paul endorses it.

Did we not all see it coming?

We all knew the end was coming….but did we just choose to ignore it?  In some cases, I knew it was coming and took action.  In other cases….I ignored what was coming and I may possibly pay for it.  Either way….we are all going to pay for it….right?

Until next time….rob

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  1. St George Rentals on

    I think they did not want to realize it was coming. In St. George Utah there were people buying homes for outrageous prices and getting loans with no problem. Just because people get a loan does not mean that they own the home. To many people will say they are homeowners when in reality they do not own any real estate, the bank owns the real estate that they loan money on. It was so easy to forecast this would happen when people are idiots when it comes to money.

  2. Hi Rob,
    Great entry on who predicted this current financial “crisis.” But, you missed someone who used purely technical analysis to predict this depression. That was Robert Prechter and his 2002 book, Conquer the Crash.
    Socionomics Institute

  3. You might add to your list the “profit of doom” or at least that’s what the media call him… NY Univ Prof of Economics, Nouriel Roubini. He is often quoted in the press – recently interviewed on BBC (can be seen in two parts on YouTube) …though his web site asks for a ‘subscription’ for his direct description of what he sees coming much can be seen if you Google him. You might also be interested in seeing Glenn Beck’s quoting of him in Feb 08 and Sept 25, 2008! He’s been right on the mark!

  4. The Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki is not what is happening now, but what he expects to happen just a few short years from now. His monthly commentary on Yahoo finance says this directly from him. He expects it to be much worse than today. He os a big proponent of gold and silver. More info on – check out the video from when he was on Larry King Live when the credit crisis was just breaking out. He was considered the doom and gloom guy, but wound up being right on the money.

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