Bailout Mania! How to Spend Ourselves to Prosperity to Save the Economy (with Fred Thompson)


I want to thank Rob Blake for sharing a great video from former Presidential Candidate, Fred Thompson; a video about “holiday cheer” about the economy.

Spending Our Way to Success! Ooops . . . What Are We Really Doing?

In the video below, Thompson provides a frighteningly accurate look at the current mentality of spending in Washington. Our elected officials actually think that they can spend our way out of the mess and into prosperity. I think anyone with any sense will listen to the video and see how he mocks the ridiculousness of the current way of thinking; they’ll also see that he is sounding the alarm on these policies. Continuing the attitude of “We can Print All the Money We Need – we own all the printing presses” will only result in a future generation in deep trouble (making the trouble we’re currently in look insignificant).

Watch and come up with your own opinions; I say kudos to Mr. Thompson for having the balls to come out and kick some people between the legs:

So . . . your thoughts?

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  2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I couldn’t agree more that the thinking in Washington is absurd.

    But what’s missing from this video? Hmmmm…

    The fact that Fred Thompson was one of the politians who helped start this ball rolling?

    That he ran for president as a member of the party that led the charge to get us to where we are today?

    The good chance that if he, or anyone from his party, had been elected, the current policies would be “the right thing” to do?

    The fact that “librul economists” have been saying the exact opposite of what he inplies they have, and that it’s the “conservative economists” who have run this economy into the ground?

    Also missing, any semblance of an inkling of a real solution. He paints a wonderful picture of how bad it is–does he have even a SINGLE idea about how to resolve this mess?

    I think if he did, he might have done better in the primaries. Also, he might have offered it in this comedy sketch.

    I say, go back to sleep, Mr Thompson. We need solutions not sarcasm.

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