Mortgage Rates are at 50 year lows!


Mortgage markets improved last week for the second week in row. After the Federal Reserve said it would use “all available tools” to stimulate the economy, traders responded bycurrent mortgage rate driving mortgage rates to 50-year lows.

It didn’t last long, however.

After bottoming out early-Wednesday morning, mortgage rates trended higher all the way into Friday’s closing. It was the third time in 2008 that a sharp mortgage rate drop lasted less than one full day of trading.

Many Americans took advantage of the historically-low mortgage rates, locking in new home loans below 5 percent. And, in general, these homeowners shared 4 characteristics:

* Credit scores of at least 720
* At least 20 percent equity
* Relatively low debt versus household income
* Ongoing relationship with a loan officer

Now, the first 3 bullet points are easy-to-understand but it’s the fourth one that really mattered — it’s the trait that got people “real-time access” to low rates the moment they published.

After all, it wasn’t until Thursday morning that the press ran its stories about “4.5 percent mortgage rates” and, by that time, mortgage rates had already retreated — by as much as a full percentage point in some cases. Thursday morning’s news was a half-day too late.

Still, mortgage rates do remain low.

This week is trade-shortened and thick with data. In addition to two pieces of housing news and a consumer sentiment survey, we’ll get a look at the Federal Reserve’s preferred Cost of Living index. All four data points are expected to validate the recession, so don’t expect mortgage rates to move much.

Instead, the biggest threat to mortgage rates this week is momentum. If mortgage rates tick higher Monday and Tuesday, expect that to continue Wednesday into the 2:00 P.M. market close and then to resume again Friday.

Markets are closed Thursday for the federal holiday. Happy Holidays everyone!!

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  2. i locked in at 4.875% on a mortgage for our personal home we purchased only a year ago. my highest score didn’t get to 720 and our mortgage is close to 95%, but having an established relationship with a loan officer and keeping the rest of our debt down really helped. i calculated close to 150K less interest paide. i’ll be paying close to $100 less every month even after PMI is $30 higher than what i am currently paying.

  3. I agree the rates are as low as they can go, this is the best time to get a finacial loan. Having been in real estate for 20+ years, I have helped alot of people get the best deal be it residential or business loans. All the best to you.
    – Sally.

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