The TV News and Negative People are No Bueno!


I accidentally watched the Nightly News tonight and felt hopeless and bummed out afterward.  Well maybe just for a moment… then I remembered that I don’t let those sorry, sad, hopeless reports about the economy, unemployment,  foreclosures, etc.,  effect me in a negative way!  Quite the contrary!  

Now I had to ask myself, how am I able to remain hopeful and  actually be excited about huge successes in 2009 ? And no – it’s not because I am one of those ridiculously positive people who think everything is “all good – all the time” (well maybe a little bit – but not in a “gag me with a spoon” way!).    No, I realize that I can remain 100% positive and excited and RARING TO GO about 2009 because I only associate with successful people – and when I say associate – I mean, they are they only people that I will actually listen to and strategize with!  All my “people” are successful in real estate and business!  And if they are not successful in real estate yet- they have been successful in other businesses or in their fields.

And I just don’t watch that darn TV news!  Forgetta ’bout it!  I am telling you, it’s entirely too depressing and it gives you no solutions – just problems!  You don’t need it!  Read your news on the internet  where you can choose what to put in your pretty little head! 

And third-of-all, stay far far away from all negativo people.   If you want to remain powerful and excited in this market you can only listen to smart, successful, working investors!  Please! I beg you!  (And NOOOOO, you know I don’t mean listen to the overly excited guru’s who pitch to you! Stay away from those!  They will take your money and then let the door hit you in the rear on the way out as they laugh all the way to the bank!) 

Network and mastermind only with excellent people.  I know this sounds harsh, but for me, if I plan on being utterly successful in my businesses next year, I don’t have time for nonsense.  If you happen to run into an investor (or anyone for that matter) who starts to bring you down – then excuse yourself as fast as you can and walk away.   As you might imagine, since I have my own real estate club – I get the opportunity to meet a lot of people.  I am very fortunate for this and I am grateful, but I also believe that you attract what you put out there – and frankly, I won’t tolerate a bunch of b.s. or naysayers.   When I do encounter one here and there, I step away as fast as possible and don’t let them effect me.

I have a very favorite quote that I heard from one of my coaches last year when he reminded me of this:

“Your net worth is equal to you network”

I said that mantra over and over again this past year and I live by it!  It helped me make wise choices about who to listen to and who to be in business with and whenever I realized I was dealing with a buffoon or someone who was full of it,  I cut it off as fast as possible.  So please, if you start to feel blue, or disenchanted or frustrated in this business – and you will(!), pick yourself up by your bootstraps and kick yourself in the rear!   This most famous quote of all should help us all keep our eye on the ball:

“When there is blood on the streets, buy real estate”

Yahoo!  I plan to do just that!  Negativos and Naysayers beware!

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  1. Bad news sells, anyone in “J” school learned that phrase in the 70’s and 80’s. Plus, we know that certain news channels spin the news to their own purposes politically speaking…can anyone say “propaganda?”

    Don’t believe the news is all bad, some people are better off. Spending less, being frugal, taking more “stay-cations,” teaching their children the value of being together (not owning the latest gadget), spending time at home for family nights (instead of dinner, and movies out night), repairing their homes instead of dreaming of moving elsewhere, and saving for the first time in their lives.

    I for one want to believe in the positive. And may the bluebird of happiness come and leave a gift on my head for good luck…..

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