The Bailout Rap . . . Brilliant!


If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ve got to check it out! Its a “rapumentary addressing the wall street bailout,” written and performed by 47 year old stockbroker Gregg Somerville.


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  1. Why government should save such a fall giant to save where they could not wait to fall naturally,?to gain profit and more benefit I dont really think it is great idea to save Big view when it has Small More out there need the hand of this government bailout

  2. I liked it and it’s very much true. We are a free market society, but the government keeps tilting the market in favor of the larger companies that are “too big to fail”. This just gives an unfair advantage to the bailed out companies over smaller businesses. GM and Chrysler were given bail outs, to prevent catastrophic bankruptcies. Well, they went bankrupt anyway.

    My hat’s off to Ford which ended up not needing a bailout and had a billion dollar profit last quarter. They at least saw the writing on the wall about creating fuel efficient cars (the different versions of the Focus).

    The TARP program is a joke. The money should never have gone to the banks/lenders. People who are legitimately behind on their mortgages due to health problems or unemployment should get a break. If this causes a hardship to the lender, then the government should subsidise the difference to the lender, only after they show they need it. It should be case by case. This would keep more people in their homes, which would keep values up and would prevent blight and reduce the number of crack houses.

    I’ll get off my soap box.

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