I Quit


I Quit.

I quit listening to the media and how bad things are.

I quit believing there is not enough money.

I quit believing in a power outside of me.

If you focus on “no money, no money, no money,” Guess what you get? The answer seems pretty simple when asked like that! No Money!

We need to focus on what we want, not what we fear.

There are a lot of people running a lot of limiting beliefs right now. You may be one of them.

That is why I am launching my official 2009 “I Quit” campaign.

I am not quitting what I do. Are you kidding? I am just getting started.

Quit buying into all the lack and limitation that is stirred up right now.

What are you ready to quit? What loser default programming are you ready to quit? What pattern of lack are you ready to quit?

Quit listening to the “all you have to do is work smarter” BS. Start WORKING HARDER as well!

Who wants to join me?

Welcome the challenges of this new year as opportunities to embark upon new paths to prosperity!

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  1. Well stated! I believe so much of what we are hearing is based on political aspirations and fear. It’s time we stopped listening and focused on creating our own reality.


  2. Kristal – I’m in agreement in many ways as well. It is starting to feel like some people in politics are using fear to sell a bundle of goods to the American public. These are the same people who critiqued the former president for doing the same thing.

    When will we learn?

  3. Simply and well put and do you know where the doom and gloom starts? With the President. His speaches are nothing but negative along with more hope and change. Time for me to quit too.

  4. LOVE this post!!!! I want to QUIT being afraid to take chances. I work a BORING 9 to 5 job. I live in a cubicle day in and day out…I want to quit and do something different but I am afraid. Change can be a good thing…but I will never know if I don’t take a chance on something new. Life is short…live it to the fullest! Thanks for the great post.

  5. Anthony aka ROIGuy on


    Amen. I quit a long time ago. Whenever I talk to non-entrepreneurial minded folk, the tune they all seem to chirp is, “Real estate? Right now? Too risky”. Such sentiments are music to my ears…manna from Heaven. Less competition.

    Beagle Girl,

    I work as a chauffeur, right now. I’m on call twelve hours a day — though not necessarily on the clock — which means unless certain circumstances align, I’m not paid for the downtime when my Town Car is empty. The owner of my company just took .50 off my little 8 smacks an hour and more importantly? My time is not my own. This ain’t gonna work.

    Fortunately, my overhead is such that one wholesale deal, with a fee in the $5,000 – $10,000 range allows me to quit my gig and not look back. I am planning my escape as I write this. I hope you escape, as well.;-)

    I quit a long time ago.


  6. What a fantastic post. I was just talking with a friend recently who is in full panic mode. He’s constantly watching CNBC … even though he never, ever watched it before. The mainstream media are fueling this because it’s been a boon for their audience development efforts. They have no interest in presenting an alternative view — why risk people becoming relaxed and ungluing themselves from their TVs?

    I’m ready for a button, definitely. Or maybe an icon we can post on our own company/individual blogs?

  7. Thanks for reading the post and commenting (I was hoping it would create a good discussion).

    Laurie, I like your icon idea.

    Turning off the financial media and not believing in what is being said is a great idea. As entrepreneurs, the only reason we should be following the financial media really is to learn what NOT to believe and to do mostly the exact opposite (also knowing that our customers are watching/listening and mostly believing which will inform how we tweak our communications with them accordingly).


  8. I quit too – woo hoo! GREAT blog, I just came across it. I was once lucky enough to hear Zig Ziglar speak live – and one thing stuck with me in particular that he said. The minute he wakes up, he tells himself, “This is going to be a great day!” Ever since that (years ago)… when the alarm goes off, before I even turn my brain on I think, “Today is going to be a great day!” It really helps.. no matter how blah you feel. It is my first way to say I QUIT!

  9. Wow great intention i’d be glad to be a part of this “I quit” I think there is a thing in everyone that he/she wants to Quit or give up. Mostly I suppose tha its our fears of doing something or something bad coming. So as I see the best way to quit is to focus on anything positive.

  10. I don’t want to quit researching and listening. I think the more pertinent issue is finding reliable sources of information and what you do with that information. I have been listening to really excellent financial commentators for years who predicted the crash in real estate and the stock market, the credit crunch, the deflationary period we are in now and starting talking about it back in 2004 or even earlier. Based on their advice I sold my house in Nov 2007 and took most of my investments out of the stock market in Oct 2007. I think there is a time to check out and put alot of energy into creating your own reality…but we are also all part of a larger community and our lives are affected at many levels by larger forces currently do and will continue to shape the context of our lives. What if every single person had been REALLY alert, REALLY tuned in, REALLY tapped in to the shenanigans that were going on and continue to go on on Wall Street and in Washington….and then became REALLY ACTION oriented as a result and created a force that could not be denied and created more accountability on Wall Street and in Washington and in the mainstream media? We would likely not be in the same situation we are in now as a country. What if keeping tapped into good sources of information might alert you to the possibility that the US Dollar might experience a precipitous decline and your purchasing power could be slashed by 50% in a short period…not that I am saying that is going to happen….yet anyway (-: What if keeping in tune to trustworthy sources of information in the media enabled you to make the right choices to protect your family? I don’t want to check out as I want to be empowered with information that will help me make the right choices!!! I have been called a “doomsdayer” for years because I watched and followed many commentators that were predicting “negative” stuff. But the reality is that you can take information and use it in context, take what you need from it and get empowered to make good choices from it. Then you can let it go. Even in the face of constant reading and researching the economic collapse that was brewing in the last few years I have never felt more joy and peace in my life! So the two are not mutually exclusive.

  11. Melinda Allen on

    Where do I sign up! Great article! Likewise, I stopped saying “I can’t” a couple of years ago and started saying “how can I” now I’m teaching that attitude to my kids. We each have untapped power inside us to accomplish whatever we want to. When we listen to the media, or other soothsayers we demoralize ourselves, start to feel helpless, and ultimately lose out on countless opportunities and experiences that will enrich our lives and the lives of those around us.

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