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Today is a big day, it’s Easter Sunday.  Therefore, I don’t think this post is going to be very long because I need to get back to having fun with my kids. ๐Ÿ™‚  I was thinking about what to write today because it’s such a special day. How can real estate relate to Easter?

So here is what I came up with.  I hope you’ll enjoy it and learn from it.  Lastly, I hope this isn’t too far of a stretch, so here goes.

What Does The Easter Bunny Have To Do With Real Estate Marketing?

Let’s think about this.  When the Easter bunny comes to our house on Easter, it provides an element of surprise.  Even though kids know that the Easter bunny will probably come and bring something for them, they are still extremely happy and surprised when he does come and leave great prizes for them, including those mysterious eggs. ๐Ÿ™‚

So how does this apply to the real estate business and to real estate marketing?  Well…

Let’s say that you, the real estate marketer, are the Easter bunny and your customers are the children.  Your customers know that you are in the business of buying and selling real estate.  They know what you are providing for them.  They know what they should expect.

But here’s the secret…

The big secret is to give them what they want in such a way they they’ll walk away with a huge smile on their face, excited, happy and satisfied.  Most of all, you need to leave that imprint in their mind where they’ll talk about you for weeks and maybe even months into the future.

Think about the kids, they talk about the Easter bunny weeks both prior and after the Easter Sunday.  You need to provide that same effect on your customers.

That’s great Peter, but how do I use the secret?

Here’s what you need to do.  I’ll keep it short because I need to get back.  First of all, when you are marketing your business or your real estate property, you need to create anticipation.  Easter bunny, although he doesn’t do it himself, does it well each and every year.  By the time Easter comes around, kids are so excited that they get up at 6 am and wait to go outside to collect the prizes the easter bunny left for them.

Why can’t we do the same with real estate? When you are trying to sell the property, why not build anticipation for that property so when the open house finally comes around, people are going to fight over each other to get in the door.

Second, how do you leave that lasting satisfied memory?  Well, give them something they didn’t expect to get.  For instance, real estate is a local business.  When you have an open house, give something of value for those that came to see your property.  I’m not saying you give out big screen TV’s.  What if you gave out gift cards or something?

Do you think those people would rave about your open house to their friends?

Do you think those people would want to know when your NEXT open house is going to take place? (hint: This is where you can get their name and email address to build your list).

Do you think they’ll want to come back to see what you have in store for them next time?

I think they would…

So, there you have it.  My 5 minute take on how you can be the Easter bunny throughout then entire year and build your own business doing it.  This is my little Easter egg for you and I hope you take advantage of it.

I would love to hear your take on my marketing strategy above.  Let me know what you think and how you are going to apply it in your business.  I’ll be waiting for your comments.  Above all, Happy Easter to you!

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat


I hope that I was successful building the anticipation to that blog post with my title and the first couple paragraphs.  Now, for that all important “Give them something so they’ll come back again” twist.  ==> I left you an Easter egg somewhere on this post.  It’s a link to a real estate internet marketing strategy that is so easy to use and will build your list so fast, you won’t believe it!  Even after you have implemented it.  (The link leads to a post somewhere on this site)  Hint: The link is in a form of a letter of a very popular word today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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