Free Houses and Keeping Your Rental Property Rented?

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Those are the words I entered into a search engine because I was interested in obtaining a house for free. I could not think of any other way to find one so I resorted to the Internet. If you want to try it, be prepared for some slapstick findings.

I tell you this upfront so you won’t be disappointed with what pops up on your computer. I went to one site where the person was selling a book on “free houses” but failed to put even one buy button on the sales page.

His idea sounded plausible but seeing this huge faux pas I assumed his material was less than worthless. I don’t know that for sure since I couldn’t buy his book to read, because he doesn’t allow anyone to buy it.

I did find a budding entrepreneur who offered free homes to anyone who agreed to abide by some, what I consider, draconian conditions. They weren’t very clear on the extent of the freeness, ie, I couldn’t tell if the offered homes were really free and clear to anyone who did abide by the conditions because all they mentioned were the conditions.

Some Of The Conditions

Given the flux of the market this program may have a chance to become a reality even with a condition like having to pay the house giver residual future income produced by any kids conceived on the premises. Since none of us know whether our offspring will be the next Elvis Presley, Bill Gates or Kelly Clarkson this one may not seem onerous at all at first blush I say tongue in cheek.

On the other hand, having to buy phone, maid and butler service plus heating oil and gas and electricity from the home giver may seem exorbitant to some people. Just paying for these services from the respective utilities and personal service providers is expensive enough. But, making it mandatory to buy them from the home giver, gives me cause for concern.

I almost spit out my coffee when I read the home receiver would also have to buy their cable, security alarm and Internet service from the home giver. Geesh, what else could this person want?

Glad you asked because here they are and not necessarily in order. Gardening, yearly painting, roofing, babysitter and banner ads inside each bedroom and in front of the toilet.

My guess is the banner ads may be asking too much and they’ll probably kill any deal .

I Didn’t Make Up Any Of The Above But…

What if you were a person with several un-rented properties and needed to fill them by the weekend? Do you think you could use some of those conditions, with positive twists, to entice people into your properties?

Maybe offering free Internet service for one year for example. Internet service has fallen in price over the years. I now pay $29.95 per month for what used to cost $49.95 per month. If you wrangled the numbers, I bet you could construct an accommodating rental price no matter what “condition” you were giving away.

You obviously aren’t giving away your rental for free. That wasn’t the idea. The idea was to give away a service to help motivate people to rent from you. Motels give away free breakfasts, free 3rd night if you stay two, etc. Apartment complexes in my area are always running specials like first month free or move in for $99 down or one or another enticement.

Why not copy what is working and use it to your advantage even if the basic idea came from a website with what probably is a costly gimmick? Use those conditions as idea generators and keep your rentals rented.

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