BiggerPockets Hosts The Real Estate Blog Carnival #159


It’s been a while since we last hosted the Carnival of Real Estate . . . with 29 submissions, this one required a bit more work than last time. That said, I’m puzzled why there aren’t hundreds or even thousands of submissions. With all the people in real estate who are blogging, I can’t imagine why more people aren’t taking the two minutes a week it takes to participate in the carnival.

Here are my pics for this week’s Carnival of Real Estate:

  1. Is Buying a Rental Property Worth it? from Alex. This post grabbed me for one reason – it was the tale of someone struggling as a landlord; someone willing to let everyone else in on his problems. He tells of his mass of evictions, vacancies, and more. My advice to Alex is to take some time and start reading the forums, articles, and this blog here on BiggerPockets before he does anything else in real estate. I don’t know much about him, but it sounds like he needs some help and the support of other successful landlords. I’d like to personally invite Alex to join us and I hope the rest of the community will do their best to help him turn his struggling landlording venture around!
  2. A great guy and top real estate blogger, Jay Thompson, writes about a frightening trend that is happening in the REO space. Huntington National Bank: Are you freaking kidding me? From deep with the WTF files looks at how one bank is placing crazy things in their addendum s that no home buyer should stand for. They are not alone in doing this, and Jay rightfully rips these guys a new one. More importantly, however, is his warning for anyone buying a property to read EVERYTHING in their closing paperwork. If you learn anything today, PLEASE be sure you do this!
  3. Julie Broad presents Rental Ad Scams and Spam, which points our yet another scam for landlords to look out for.
  4. My friend, Nick Johnson, gives real estate agents some great advice to help improve their finances with Attention Agents: 5 Tips on how to Stop being BROKE.
  5. Kerry Fletcher shares a great post for the do it yourself crowd out there, titled How much paint do I need?
  6. Saundra Washington shares How Agents Can Survive in the Free Economy, which gives us a great look at how real estate agents can use some outside the box ideas to get business for free!
  7. Here’s one that does what it says, thanks to Ben Roberts: 6 Essential Things Real Estate Contracts Must Have to Be Valid and Enforceable
  8. Dan Green presents How To Get The Best Jumbo And Super Jumbo Mortgage Rates Possible, another post that does what it promises.
  9. Dave Peniuk shares Real Estate Partners the Profits and Pitfalls, which does an examination of what you need to know about real estate investment partnerships.
  10. Øyvind Eriksen presents What to Look for When You Buy Your First Apartment or House, a thorough post worth a look by any first-time home buyer.
  11. Patrick Duffy presents Where would affordable housing be without government support? – ’nuff said.

Others worth a mention:

I have to say that we had a lot of posts that were nothing but a waste of my time. While there were certainly a few others not listed above that were well written and informative, I felt like they would have little interest to anything but a very small, specific audience. We try and share those posts with the most universal appeal, and those that would most interest our extensive readership.

If you took the time to read any of the above posts, be sure to leave your thoughts below. Thanks to all who participated, and hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to host again soon.

Photo Credit: StuSeeger

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    • John –
      When people send crap posts that they spend three seconds on, someone needs to keep it real with them. Quality will always rise to the top. Not all of the posts submitted, but not included, were crap, but there were certainly posts that were.

      This isn’t about bashing submissions . . . it is about sharing QUALITY content that will be of interest to the audience of the carnival and host.

      We had someone submit a blog post that was nothing but information about a property they were selling – is that worthy of inclusion in the carnival? I call it like I see it . . .

  1. Øyvind Eriksen on

    I agree Josh. Quality content will prevail. However there are too many blogs out there that do not post good content, and spam to get visitors.

    In the end, quality posts is the main reason people visit your blog, again, and again.

  2. Øyvind Eriksen on

    Joshua, how could you ever be alone on that thought? It is based on pure logic and if you view it from a marketing perspective, you are spot on. Marketing is about quality and perception, whether it is an article or a product you are promoting.

    If people submit a post to a blog carnival that is a sales article, they are doomed to fail. However, most blog posts are sales articles, because they are intended to get visitors to the site.

    It all comes to down to one simple principle, just as you mentioned Joshua, “it is all about quality”.

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