How Helping Other Companies Can Make Your Real Estate Business More Money

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In the last weeks, I wrote part 2 of my short series on 7 different internet marketing strategies for driving a lot of traffic to a real estate website without relying on search engines.  Dozens of people re-tweeted that post and several commented on it.  I wanted to thank you for your support here — I really appreciate it.

In today’s post, I want to expand on one of those strategies and tell you how you can make some extra profit using a marketing strategy called “integration marketing.”  In short, integration marketing takes places when 2 different people/businesses work together to help each other by placing the first person’s business’ offer at a specific point during a transactional process between a customer and the second business. You may be saying, “What does that mean” — don’t worry, I’ll explain.

I bet you have been exposed to this type of marketing before.   Online stores do it all the time and even some offline stores do it as well.  Let’s say you buy a computer . . . if the integration marketing process is in place, you are immediately presented with an offer that will make your computer purchase even better.  For instance, you can get a discount on technical support, insurance, software, a printer, a digital camera and/or a video camera.  Why?  Because if you are buying a computer, there is a big chance that you would be interested in complementary services or products.

Applying Integration Marketing to Real Estate

How could you do this in real estate?  Let’s look at an example:

You sell your investment property to a retail buyer.  That retail buyer might be either living in an apartment or in a house.  What is the first thing they need to do?  They need to move, right?  What you can do is create a partnership with a local moving company, where for every person you send them, they give you something in return.

Once the buyers move in, they need to get home insurance, maybe landscaping or snow removal services.  What if you ended up partnering with all of those different types of companies?  Your buyer wouldn’t have to waste time looking for all of those different services. 

But why would that retail buyer want to buy through you?

They will want to buy those services through you because you offer them one heck of a deal.  You can negotiate in your agreement with the company lower rates for their services for your buyers along with a referral fee for you.  In today’s economy, there will be many companies who will do that for you.  Why?  Because a new customer is better than no customer.

How would they track the sale to make sure that you get credited for it? 

If you are doing it online, it’s very easy to track it.  There are many software companies that specialize in creating special links just for you.  Or the company could build a web page just for you and anyone who buys their service through that page would end up being credited to you.

However, if you are dealing in an offline market, the company can create coupons with a special code just for you.  Now, when the customer contacts the company, they will need to either show them the coupon or give them the special code in order to get the special rate. It is that easy!

As I already mentioned, there are plenty of local companies who need extra business.  Think about what business in your area could offer their service to help your customers. Tell them what you want to do, what you have to offer, and what they would need to do to make it work.  Be friendly and compromise.  In the end, all three parties — you, the buyer/seller and the company — need to win.  Remember, it needs to be a win-win-win situation.

That’s all for today.  I hope you enjoyed this article.  If you have any comments or questions, let me know below.

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Peter Kolat is a Real Estate Internet Marketing genius. He’s been consulting for many real estate gurus in the real estate industry. His Free Internet Marketing Techniques helped many real estate investors & agents dominate their real estate markets on the internet. No wonder he’s been called the “Polish Pulverizer.”


  1. Great Ideas, Peter. Real Estate brokerages used to do this regularly (they may still) – it was good for business – and I could certainly see how others in real estate can use the same techniques as well. The 117 Tweets (so far) tells me that others think you’re on to something as well.

    What does everyone tweeting this post think?

  2. Thanks Joshua. I love sharing creative marketing strategies with others, especially on this blog. The way I see it, when people help each other, when people help others get what they want, they’ll succeed on whatever venture they set out to accomplish.

    For some strange reason, Zig Ziglar comes to mind 🙂

    In the end, I think this strategy is extremely effective not only because you’ll get extra business but you’ll gain more exposure, credibility and authority in your market.


  3. What a great idea. I like the integration of several services into one central location where the quality can be controlled. To often we, as Real Estate Agents, merely ask the office for referrals and then pass them on to our clients without making sure that the quality is in line with your own perception of quality.

  4. This post is awesome and I’m glad somone finallly laid it out. It makes so much sense to reach out to all these other related service providers and integrate them into your business. The possibilities are unlimited and your brand can be lifted with other brands.

  5. Thanks guys,

    To tell you the truth, I wanted to write this for a while now. I was just writing about so many other things. I’m glad I finally got to write this article as it seems that it became very popular.

    To Your Success!

  6. First, Peter, thank you for the topic and the obvious commitments to communication, coordination, and profitability for all of us.

    I have seen a lot in my 30+ years in real estate and finance and something that is becoming more clear is the private investor is re-introducing the flexibility and service we have relied on Realtors for over the years in local markets. As real state becomes a national and even international profession, each of us must include all marginal businesses not only for the sake of our business profitability but the for comradeship but to catapult us all forward.

    Again, thanks. . .Danno

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