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I did a post a while back about my “Power of 100” concept. In case you missed it, here’s the deal. I have a rule of making 100 personal contacts a day. This is an old concept I learned years ago in direct sales. Now that I do internet marketing, I’ve found most every concept I learned in the field, selling person to person, can be adapted to internet marketing. The Power of 100 is no different.

It’s the Best Way of Getting Traffic to Your Site

The Power of 100, as simple as it is, will serve you well when it comes to building your brand online and getting traffic to your site. Not just “regular” traffic either…very high quality, targeted traffic! Personal branding and social marketing are becoming more and more mandatory by the day, and real estate is a perfect environment for using these tools and techniques.

When it comes to getting traffic to your site, I see many Realtors focusing on SEO (search engine optimization). I firmly believe this is a mistake, for many reasons. First of all, SEO is complicated and there is a large learning curve. Any busy real estate professional is not going to be well-served trying to double as a search engine optimization expert. It’s simply too much of a time investment. Second, the time and cost investment for going head to head with a giant like Trulia is simply nonsense. Don’t go this route! Focus on your strengths. If you’re in real estate, you’re already a strong networker.

For God’s sake, it’s called social NETWORKING! This should be a battle cry for real estate professionals. This technology is begging for us to get on board and dive in! All it takes to get great traffic to your site is online networking. In other words, talk to people!

SEO is Overrated

SEO is real, but I will show any real estate client everything they need to know about SEO in about 15 minutes. Good, clean SEO habits performed on a well-designed website is all that’s needed. Spending any more time or money than this for a real estate professional is cost prohibitive.

As real estate professionals, it’s our job to network and sell property. Networking is also, conveniently, the ultimate way to build targeted niche traffic to your site. That’s where the Power of 100 comes in. Make 100 personal contacts daily, and the traffic will come.

Here are the rules:

  • Make contacts off site…not on your own website or blog
  • Comment other blogs and forums
  • Mass email doesn’t count. Remember, it’s PERSONAL contacts
  • Phone calls count
  • Personally written email counts
  • Handwritten notes count
  • Meeting people in person, exchanging business cards, etc…counts

The idea is to make personal contacts period. It’s about getting the word out about your brand, daily, consistently. It’s just networking. Hardly a foreign concept to Realtors!

How Does This Work?

The Power of 100 is about personal branding. It’s about doing the work necessary to build a presence and recognition for what you do within your niche. Leaving comments, returning calls and emails, etc…it’s all networking. The more contacts you make, the more you build your brand.

How does this translate into traffic to your site? That’s easy…you’re busy every day talking about topics relevant to your business, correct? People see your comments. They see you know what you’re talking about, and they head over to your site to learn more about you. Couldn’t be simpler.

Here’s the Problem

As soon as I started talking about the Power of 100, I started getting a lot of objections. It seems that although this is a proven technique for traffic generation and brand-building, many people believe 100 is simply too much work. That’s why I wanted to write this post. I think it’s time to change our paradigm.

You see, 100 isn’t too many. In fact, it may not even be enough. If you want big results, shoot for 1000. Seriously.

As I pay attention more and more to the changes we’re witnessing in marketing these days, it’s hard to ignore that making a contact doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to. The Power of 100 rule comes from old school sales. I know real estate brokers, some of the most successful in the US, who apply this principle religiously on a daily basis. They use the phone. Each phone call can take 3-4 minutes or so. Compare that to responding to someone on Twitter. How long does THAT take? 10 seconds? You telling me you don’t have time to make 100 contacts a day? Sorry, but I’m not buying it. Not any more.

As long as there have been top producers, there have been those of us who simply don’t have time for excuses. They just do what needs to be done, period. I encourage you to give this some serious thought, because the results you want really are there for you. But you have to grab it, and that means the work needs to be done. If you’re not willing to do it…who’s gonna?

From Now On…No Excuses

There are many of my readers who have suggested that they really like the idea of this Power of 100 but just don’t have time to do it. Perhaps, so the line goes, they’ll start with 10 or 20. So far, I have been sympathetic and conceded that anything is better than nothing. Start small, and work your way up, etc. But by doing this I feel I’ve shortchanged you by not being honest. I want to reiterate and change my stance a bit. I’ve become a little bit more of a hard ass lately.

Look, 100 a day IS hard work. But consider why you’re in this business. Do you want big results? Almost no one starts a business and says “I’d just like to make a few bucks every once in a while”. If you want a small paycheck, just get a regular job! So many people come face to face with the price of success and decide it’s not worth it. My message for today is simple…kick it in gear, or quit. Don’t settle! Please don’t settle.

Business = Hard Work, Period

Business involves risk and lots of hard work, period. Those two elements cannot be divorced from entrepreneurship, so if you’re taking a risk and working hard, then demand good results. Don’t tell yourself 100 contacts a day is too many! Look at dudes like Gary Vaynerchuk who regularly answer several hundred emails a day. Get used to this paradigm, because it’s here to stay! 100 a day is no longer the limit. Far from it. I’ve seen video of Gary talking about how he’ll respond to 700 or more messages in a day. Does he work late? Yes. Is he living his mission and loving every minute of it? Sure seems like it! And of course, Gary is just one example.

Hustle and hard work have been the game changer for eons. It’s what works. And if you want to differentiate yourself, if you want to engage your audience and prove to them that you deserve their business, be there. Make the contacts! Hope you don’t mind my candor 🙂

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  1. Right on Linda. Exactly my point. That’s why I wanted to revisit this concept again. Social networking DOES count, which is why raising the bar up from 100 to higher numbers is crucial. You have to look at leverage. If your competition has access to leverage, they’re going to use it, which means you need to have equal or greater leverage in order to compete in your marketing. As long as your competition is lazy, then you’re safe, but as soon as someone decides to come in and drop a work ethic bomb on your market, your done for. The time to build your brand is NOW!

  2. Christian, great post.
    Fantastic to see someone apply old school sales discipline to social media and social networking. I think you are quite right to infer that sales professionals in general have not dealt with social media in any meaningful way – too many are seeing it as a threat to old practice or a wider disintermediating threat to their industry or profession. I like your position much more – social media is GODSEND to sales people – we should embrace it for what it is – a fantastic new channel to engage prospects and clients. Thanks for the rallying cry – I’ll be passing it forward.

  3. Kim – that’s awesome! let me know how it goes. You rock! Thanks for taking my candor well 🙂

    Ty – much appreciated! The encouragement was intended, and I’m glad you picked up on it. Sometimes I try to keep the candor more tempered. This time I just decided to say what I felt!

  4. I finance commercial R.E. I dial every day and my cold calls achieve about 15 contacts per day from 75 to 100 dials.. There are wrong numbers, no one home, gatekeepers etc. My definition of ‘contact’ is a decision maker who owns the property. Is my definition of contact too narrow?

  5. The “Power of 100” rule sounds very much like pre-internet sales marketing and is not necessarily an inefficient concept, but currently you are outside the Buying Cycle. I would say about 20% of those 100 contacts you make each day might get in touch with you but that does not guarantee sales just like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not guarantee sales. The difference is with SEO you are dealing with Search – People who are targeting exactly what they want. This is where SEO can benefit you. I will say that SEO does create a positive impact for those who have well developed sites with working web crawlers, indexers as well as good ranking. Search Engine Optimization works if you work it for any online site or business, real estate professionals or not! The targeted searches using SEO will generate higher Return on Investment (ROI) rates than “older” marketing/sales methods.

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