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A good number of Realtors are getting on the ball and putting up a blog. This is smart. It’s a powerful communication tool. It’s a powerful way to build your presence online. However keep a couple important points in mind:

  • It will only serve as a powerful communication tool if you actively use it to communicate. It’s an ongoing process!
  • It will only build your presence online if you actively build it!

In other words, a blog doesn’t build itself. Putting it up is step one. Step 2 through to step 10 million-bazillion are all up to you. And if you don’t do it, who’s gonna?

To put it better than anyone else I’ve heard…

One of the keys to blogging is to freaking post to your blog. – Grant Griffiths

When I read that in a recent post to his own blog, I knew I was going to have to quote him at least once, but that quote is awesome! It couldn’t be more true. This business is very simple.

It’s hard work to build your business online, but Realtors are already used to working very hard. If you commit yourself to the work that’s necessary, your blog can become the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tool you have ever used, period. And I mean that with every fiber of my being. I am 100% convinced your blog can change your business for the better a myriad ways, but you have to be willing to write regularly.

This is something many Realtors seem to struggle with.

An Unfortunate Trend in Real Estate Blogging

There’s a trend out there. And it’s a bad trend. The trend is that 99% of real estate blogs seem to be 99% listings. I’m generalizing of course, but this seems to pretty much be the norm. Why is this a bad trend? Because posting your listings is not blogging. Yes, you can share any information you want on your blog, and posting your listings to your blog is 100% valid. But trust me please…your readers (if you have any yet) and NOT going to your blog to see your listings. They’re not. They’re just not.

So if your readers aren’t interested in your listings, what the heck do they want from you? Believe it or not, they want to know what you think about the market! They want to hear from you…on a personal level…and regularly. And the more you can make your blog follow suit with this, the more success you will build over time.

For my post today, I wanted to share a few ideas and guidelines for the content every Realtor should post to their blog. Please comment and let me know what you think!

  • Listings should be 10% of your content, maximum.
  • Local stories, news, history. Do you love your town? Talk about it! What’s going on tonight? Are you going to a show? Are you meeting friends at a great historic pub downtown? Talk about what’s going down? As a committed and networking Realtor, you likely know a LOT of people and are very involved in your community. Seriously, talk about what’s going down in your town.
  • Respond to inquiries. As a Realtor, inquiries come in from a lot of different places. You get inquiries on the phone, by text, by email. You get questions at cocktail parties. You get questions from your website. And if you’re new, you can find TONS of real estate questions on Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn and a million other places. Answer the question, and post it to your blog! It will seriously take you 5 minutes, and you’re sharing valuable expertise with your readers. When someone asks you a question, answer it, and then say something like “That’s a great question! Do you mind if I put that on my blog too?” Of course they’ll say yes, and guess who’s going to be stalking your blog for the next week, looking for their name in print?
  • Have something go very wrong with a client lately? Lessons are learned every day in real estate. Share your insights. This is the GOOD stuff. Leave names out when necessary of course, but lessons are lessons. This is the foundation of your true expertise. If you’re not talking to your readers about these things, you’re withholding valuable info from them and practically begging them to cause the same problems with you in the future on future transactions 😉
  • Have something go very right lately? Put it on your blog. Success stories are awesome. Everyone loves them! If you’ve been in the business for over a year, I guarantee you have some interesting stories!
  • Have a closing? Blog it! Congratulate your clients publicly and sincerely thank them for business. Also, publicly ask them for referrals! Email em a link to your post.
  • What do you LOVE about real estate?
  • What do you HATE about real estate?
  • Do you think NAR has done something god-awful-stupid lately? I know, this NEVER happens, right? 🙂
  • What challenges are you having in the current market?
  • What problems are you having with clients lately?

See, Realtors often tell me two things:

  1. I don’t have time to blog
  2. I don’t know what to write

Here’s the answer…I’ve given you topics that will keep you busy for years. And any post in any of these categories doesn’t need to take you more than 20-30 minutes maximum. Many posts could be written in 5 minutes. Don’t have time to blog? Are you kidding me? If you don’t have 5 minutes to throw down a post every day, how are you possibly going to have time to answer the phone when those leads come in? Don’t know what to write about? Seriously, give yourself some credit. You’re in an industry that the majority of people out there find pretty fascinating. You have a LOT to talk about.

How’s your blogging going? Do you have a blog yet? Do you have any questions?

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  1. I like this list. After some 1,400 articles it’s not always easy to put out one a day, but the: Have something go very right lately? and Have a closing? cues have given me a few ideas.
    I think many blogs, including mine, sometimes overdue market statistics, but local happenings seem to have a short life.

  2. Christian Russell on

    Liz – thanks! You’re right…please email and tweet this out so more Realtors can read it!!! 😉

    Artur – You’re right, it’s easy to get into a grind after a while, but hanging out with friends who are interested in what you have to say is never a grind. Getting caught up in stats and “valuable” info is easily understandable, but the communication, networking and social aspect you can take with your marketing these days gives you limitless content, if you just allow yourself to be yourself!

    Eric – I do the exact same thing. I always have a steno with me. Old school I know, but I also have tons of ideas for new content any time I need em 🙂

  3. Great article. I have found that so many realtors seemed overwhelmed at the number of social media sites, and gave up before they even started. I help them with a weekly plan. On Monday, they post something related to the housing market, and attach a link to support it. On Wednesday They go out in thier farm and post about a new listing. I encourage them to take a photo, or better yet a video and upload it. Then on Friday they post somethng about their community, such as garage sales, farmers market or even the local football game. The key is CONTENT.

  4. Christian Russell on

    Great ideas Nancy…it’s all about systematizing things, and integrating your blogging into what you’re already doing. It takes a minute to get it down, but after that, sharing content and ideas with your audience should really only take a few minutes here and a few minutes there. Love it! I appreciate your insights, and I like your weekly plan idea 🙂

  5. Thanks for the ideas. I am shaking it up a little and mixing video blogs in with my text blogs. The video blogs now comprise 1/2 of my blog posts and the are always current relavent topics like, “What is a Short Sale”, “How to Buy in Today’s Market”…. The feedback has been very positive.

  6. I couldnt agree more. There are a lot of agents that I have talked to that just insist that they do not have the time, then I hear them complaining about how there are no leads coming through the system. Well, heres the thing buddy, if you don’t have a client that you are working with, then you should be spending that time reaching out to more clients. A day without a lead coming in does not mean that you get the day off. -Tyler

  7. Christian Russell on

    Bob – that’s awesome! I’ve recently started with videos as well. It’s the opposite of what I expected. It’s actually a very simple, quick way to get some thoughts out and posted to your blog. I’ve found it to be very helpful.

    Tyler – Haha! You’re absolutely right…

  8. Michelle Potter on

    Christian – Thank you for a well-thought out post. One more easy suggestion is to just add neighborhood or community photos when the words aren’t flowing. Plus, I get more hits to my “just photos” section than anything I actually write… Maybe that is a reflection on my writing now that I think about it! Love your NAR suggestion too –

  9. Christian Russell on

    Michelle – that’s a cool idea to have a “just photos” section…I’m sure the success of that section doesn’t reflect on your writing though! You don’t have to be a great writer to blog. You just have to be honest and actually have something to say 🙂 You’re right, pictures are powerful and definitely engage readers.

    • Michelle Potter on

      Thank you Christian… still not so sure about the writing -yet the posts come in so handy for educational references – especially for folks coming from out of town – I am constantly sending links to buyers who need more information on one topic or another… this ongoing library makes it so easy to explain processes. The photos are fabulous for filler and for giving buyers insight into the lifestyle here. Thanks again for a great post – it is not that hard at all to blog and just takes a bit of commitment.

  10. thanks for the tips Chris
    There is real value in having a blog and building a list of followers who read and comment on it.
    As you start adding value to what the readers are looking for you will see that translating into leads and eventually into business

    .-= Rob´s last blog .. =-.

  11. Christian Russell on

    Rob – agreed 🙂 It’s the long game that matters more than anything else. Continuing to add value for your readers over time will lead to incoming business. It’s why it’s so important to be in a business you love…and to write about what you love. It’s likely the money’s not gonna come right away, so you need to be doing something that truly interests you in the meantime!

  12. Real Estate bloggers should follow Gary Vaynerchuk’s example and begin by providing value content to their clients and potential clients, rather than simply crammer listings down their throats. If you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, it’s worth a Google for the case study. Lessons learned.

  13. Nowadays,its worth to have a blog & it also helps to give updates,news,etc. to the users.Most of the corporate sites does have blog e.g flippa,freelancer,etc.But,its tough to maintain blog & write post regularly.Of-course,realtors would not be going to post like an pro bloggers.But,they can use to post updates about their business & company.

    Nice Post Christian!

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