5 Ways To Create More Time To Grow Your Real Estate Business

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It’s probably safe to assume that the majority of people who have relatively new real estate investing businesses are likely juggling a full time or part time job while growing their business.  If you take the time needed to hustle to grow a business and then add in family and community obligations you have yourself quite a time crunch.

Everyone has the same 24 hours each day, but its what you do with those hours that make the difference.   That being said, here are the top 5 things that I’ve personally done to create more time to grow my real estate business while juggling a job and family with young children.

#1: Turn off the television.

There is nothing else that has provided me with more time than turning off the television at the beginning of this year.  Sure, use your DVR to record your favorite shows and watch them later, but be selective with the recording too because you just won’t have the time to watch ALL of it even if it is at a later time/date!

#2: Make a priority list every evening before going to sleep

Not only does this clear your head so you can sleep peacefully (plus let your subconscious do a little work while you sleep), but it also allows you to begin your days knowing precisely want needs to be done.   My priority list is only 6 items long and frankly sometimes I don’t always get the 6 items done – maybe only 4 or 5, but the list is incredibly helpful and a major timesaver.  Whenever I forget to do this and try to do it in the morning, it throws me off and typically wastes up to an hour of time that I could’ve spent accomplishing something.

#3: Ignore your cell phone (or better yet, turn it off!)

Phones are highly disruptive. If you’re in the middle of accomplishing items on your priority list and the phone rings, ignore it!  This is why voicemail was invented.  You can call the person back once you’re ready – it will be ok, trust me!

#4: Wake up earlier – between 5:00 or 6:00 AM

Simply stated, it is absolutely amazing how much can be done in the quiet time before everyone else in the house wakes up.  Try it for a week and you will see a noticeable difference in productivity and stick with it.

#5: Delegate

Frankly, I haven’t mastered this yet, but I’ve done it enough to know that I need to do more and it will truly help move my business to new levels.  There are some tasks you really need to do yourself and its important to identify those high value,  profit-generating tasks and focus on them.  Everything else? Delegate to others as soon as you possibly can (and think creatively because there are ways to obtain help for little to no cost)…this includes time consuming activities that are not business related.  An entire blog post can be dedicated to this topic alone!

Sure BiggerPockets family, you’ve heard some or even all of this before, but I chose to post on this topic anyway because I believe in repetition and perhaps someone out there needed a reminder!

What are some of the awesome ways that YOU have created more time for yourself to grow your business? Please share your comments.

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Shae Bynes is a real estate investor in Sunny South Florida. On her blog, GoodFaithInvesting.com, she provides helpful tips and an inside look at her real estate investing adventures -- obstacles, failures, & successes!


  1. These are all FANTASTIC tips, except that since I go to bed so late, #4 is not much of an option. That said, making a list before going to bed has been one of my regular practices for a while and always helps me to sleep with a clear mind. As for the cell phone, that thing is absolutely one of the most disruptive inventions of all time. We were never meant to have a leash on. Answer when you can, but don’t feel bound to take every call or you’ll NEVER get anything done. Great post, Shae!

  2. Thanks fellas!

    @Josh, I’ve found that I can burn the midnight oil for a 2 nights in a row and then I crash and burn and have to go back to waking up early. I guess the same principle applies… whether its late late night or early early morning, there’s a great opportunity to grab some quiet and highly productive time.

  3. Great post Shae! And timely too. I’m learning how to organize my time as we speak. You know what would be another great post? A typical day for a successful, full-time wholesaler. Or maybe even like a 3-day stretch, since activities will likely vary from day to day. This was helpful. Especially the list thing. I’m going to do that starting today.

  4. Duncan and Joe thanks! I know you’ll both see a difference when you try #2!

    And Joe, I agree that would be a good post. You should ask Steph Davis if she’ll do this for one of her BP blog posts since she’s definitely a successful full-time wholesaler!

  5. Good Stuff
    There’s a book called the “Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris that has some great material concerning delegation, elimination, automation and streamlining and general. I personally have a word doc that is styled after “getting things done” by David Allen. It has mon-sunday on the left, with all tasks, calls, etc. I wish to get done on THOSE SPECIFIC days, while the RIGHT column is reserved for context based tasks that can be done whenever (a section for calls, errands while on the road, around the house, etc.) — so if I’m on the road, I can look at the appropriate section, etc. Then at the bottom I have a list of 2-3 major areas I should be concentrating in. It works … when I work it.

    Plus I don’t watch TV, I always get up at 4.30 and folks are quite annoyed that I NEVER pick up the phone!

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