Why Blogging for Real Estate is Worth the Time


In real estate, branding and name recognition is the name of the game. Don’t you agree? Consider this:

  • They need to have heard of you before they will call to list with you.
  • They need to have heard of you before they will call to buy a home with you.
  • They need to have heard of you before they’ll tell their friends about you.

All of the things we need as agents start with one thing…name recognition. Without it, you’re toast.

Getting Started

Getting started in real estate is a challenge, no? Getting leads coming in is the primary concern, and we want results fast. So what do we do? We put up a website, we start doing seminars, open houses, etc. And what pulls results the fastest?

Seminars and open houses most likely! This isn’t a very good argument for the power of blogging, is it?

Let me say this: if your concern is only for the short term gain…then blogging is not for you. Seriously, you can skip it! Unfortunately, I have to admit I see a lot of business owners in this camp. It’s a shame really, because taking the long view is absolutely essential when it comes to building a real, substantive and sustainable business.

If you really just want to live paycheck to paycheck, just get a job! Just my two cents…

As I say so often, yes it’s true that most businesses fail. But that doesn’t mean business is risky. Businesses fail for a reason. And unfortunately they’re usually the same reasons. Over and over again. We never seem to learn! The long view is key. If all you have is a short view (how do I make money NOW), you’re always going to be schlepping for the next closing. In my opinion, that’s not where you want to be!

Taking the Long View

Blogging and web marketing for your real estate business is going to require a long view. It’s true you can get fast results with PPC and other techniques, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can also sink tens of thousands of dollars and get nothing. I usually don’t recommend fast techniques to business owners unless they have experience with them already. Do it with experience under your belt, hire a consultant you trust to help you, or stay away from it.

Truth be told, building a real business the slow and steady way is, well, slow. And steady. Some might say it’s pretty darn boring. For me, I’m cool with boring. I like my business to be boring. If you want your success to be volatile and unpredictable, go for it dude! Hang ten. But for me, I like to be grounded and sure of myself. I’m definitely cool with acknowledging there are different approaches to business. This is just my take on it. I’m not in business for fast results. I’m in it to build something, help the people I work with and make all the money I need to do the crazy and fun stuff I want to do in my life. Volatility, for me, is for adventure and travel…I WANT my business to be slow and steady 😉

The long view is valuable for the following reason: it builds a solid foundation that continues to feed your business, no matter what you do, no matter what direction the tides take you. Most businesses don’t have this. Most businesses depend on the market being “good”. So what happens when the market changes? The results are not good. But guess what happens if you’ve built a strong foundation, a committed community around your blog? You’re fine. You’re recession proof. In fact, your community will come to you even MORE, because they trust you to help when things get tough.

People need knowledgeable, helpful Realtors now more than ever. And what’s happening? Many of us are going out of business…when we’re needed the most! Why is this happening? We didn’t brand ourselves. We didn’t build a community.

This is why the long view is so crucial. And it’s why building a presence with your blog and web marketing is so crucial.

Skipping Painful Mistakes

Don’t make the mistake of setting up a site, not seeing immediate results and writing off this whole web marketing business as a waste of time. What a painful, short sighted mistake that is! Use your blog to talk to people. Do your short view marketing. Run some ads and get some sales coming in. I’m doing two conferences in the new couple weeks…talking in person. So this web marketing guy definitely still markets offline.

Go to where the people are. Guess what? Most people are online. Don’t ignore the value of blogging just because it doesn’t produce immediate results. Use your blog to talk to people. True, they may not buy from you instantly because of it. But if your business is dependent upon people…and ALL businesses are…then you should talk to them. It’s not just valuable. It’s powerfully, mutually valuable. It requires that you actually care about the people you work with, and over time they will notice that you care. I promise. But if you don’t make the effort…someone else will!

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  1. Michelle Potter on

    Thank you Christian for another great post – This validates my slow and steady strategy for blogging – Many of my agent buddies clearly think I am wasting my time and energy on frequent postings. Hey, blogging is no panacea, rather one piece of the plan – all of which take time and energy to develop over the long-term.

  2. Christian Russell on

    Thanks Michelle! Yes, I get questions from Realtors all the time who believe they just don’t have time to write a blog. Candidly, it’s like a publisher saying they don’t have time to invest in a printing press. I mean, it’s just a big machine that takes a lot of maintenance, right? Forget the fact that it’s a huge asset and massively leverages your time: )

    Bottom line: if your competition is blogging, you need to be blogging. And since a blog is pretty much accessible to anyone with a pulse and an internet connection, yeah…you need to start leveraging yourself and your brand with a blog! Will you make huge money from it instantly? No, you probably won’t. But it’s not the point. It’s a communication tool! If people are important to your business, then talking to them is important too! And blogging is the most efficient, leveraged and personal way to talk to a lot of people 🙂

    • Michelle Potter on

      Nice analogy Christian – The amusing part is that it is not that time consuming after the original set up and learning period. Plus – I agree with Bob – it keeps you current on real estate related changes and therefore on your toes!

      • Christian Russell on

        You’re right Michelle. There definitely is a learning curve, but after you learn to integrate blogging into your regular work flow, it’s almost second nature. It’s just a business discipline, like prospecting, following up on inquiries, etc…any of these things could be called “time consuming”, but we do them because they build our business.

  3. Thanks Christian,
    Another benefit of blogging is that it will force you to be on top of the market. Anyone wanting to be relavent will need to be accutely aware of the market on both a micro and macro level. This in turn will position you as a true professional and trust agent.

  4. Christian Russell on

    That’s a good point Bob. It also opens you up to criticism and accountability from the market and your peers. A great exercise to keep you on top of your game, refine your skills and establish yourself in your niche 🙂

    • Christian Russell on

      Hey Jenny 🙂 I have readers and clients ask me this almost daily. It’s a good question, and the best way I know to answer is: a blog IS a website! It’s not a decision of whether you want a blog or a website. It’s a decision of whether you want your website to be social, regularly updated and interactive, or not.

      Users want to engage with you on a personal level and work with someone they trust. The number one most effective way to build that type of trust with your visitors and clients is by maintaining a blog marketing practice. If you have any questions, i’m happy to help.

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