Are You Realtors Making This Costly Marketing Mistake?


Do you want more sales? Do you want more clients? Do you want better clients? Do you want clients who trust you and take your advice…clients who don’t question your every move and keep looking out for you to screw them over? Do you want higher paying clients, clients who happily send you lots of referrals without you even having to ask? Ah, wouldn’t that be nice? It’s doable, you know!

Are you tired of struggling to hang on to a sale only to have it blow up at the end regardless? Are you tired of working with a client and spending time with them, and then they just disappear into thin air, never to be heard from again?

Let’s fix this once and for all, shall we?

See the first issue to address is that many of us write these problems off as part of the business. They’re not. They’re part of bad business. They’re evidence we screwed up somewhere! Will we ever be perfect? No, but it’s essential to put things into perspective…if someone disappears on you, or if it’s like pulling teeth for a client to take your advice, it’s not “part of the business”. It’s a problem. And it’s fixable.

Buyers a Liars

Buyers are liars, right? It’s true. But don’t forget…so are sellers. So are lenders. And builders, underwriters, etc. You and I aren’t liars of course, but everyone else is, right? 😉

See, it’s not lying that’s the problem. I lied before. Buyers aren’t liars! They’re just not giving you the whole story. And that’s your fault, not theirs! It’s completely reasonable, honest and expected that they would be guarded and cautious around you if they don’t know you well and trust you explicitly. We should know this by now, and we should address it.

Trust is Key

The number one thing we should focus on is trust. Fact is, people need you now more than ever in this tough market. Right? Ironically, now more than ever, clients will continue to be MORE guarded and LESS forthcoming. Why? Because they’re nervous. Can you blame them? Lack of trust kills deals, and it costs our industry millions, every day.

Here’s Our Big Mistake

Failure to focus on trust is the costly mistake I refer to in this headline. If you’re not consistently building and nurturing trust in your real estate dealings, everything else you do is being undermined.

We focus on showing homes, listing homes and other important activities. We do all this hard work, and then we proceed to make dangerous (and most often incorrect) assumptions about the trust our clients place in us. We think “Of course they trust me; I’m a great Realtor. I have a great reputation and have been doing this for years.” Or we think “Of course they trust me. They listed me, didn’t they? Why would they list their home with me if they didn’t trust me?”

No. That’s not how it works!

Trust is constantly in flux, and you can blow it at any point along the way. Trust must be at the forefront of your mind from the beginning, and it must never wane. Trust is key. When you have trust, you have everything you need.

How to Build Trust

A lot of what I talk about with clients is this very thing…seriously powerful sales and marketing tactics are often all focused on one single thing: building trust. In a nutshell, here’s how you build trust. It can be summed up in one word: give. You have to give…day in and day out.

When my readers and clients question me as to why I consider blogging to be such a powerful tool in business, this is why. When you blog, you give. You create helpful content. What do you charge for it? Nothing. It’s free. You listen to your audience. You solve problems for them. What do you charge for that? Nothing. It’s free. As a result, your blog becomes a powerful resource to them.

How can a client afford to disappear into thin air when you clearly have more to offer them than anyone else? They can’t. They’re stuck with you, because you’ve given them so much value, they simply cannot afford to work with someone else.

What happens when you listen to people….truly listen to them? What happens when you care about them? What happens when you consistently over deliver and create value for people left and right over time? You build trust. And trust is the ultimate currency. It’s more powerful than the US dollar. It’s more powerful than any weakness you may be experiencing in your personal economy.

I say this because if your business is slow right now, it’s because you don’t have a strong community. Communities stick together, correct? Communities help each other out. We all work hard together and create something beautiful. That is what you need to do. You need to build your community. To survive in this volatile market, it is simply mandatory.

You can continue rattling on and on, using traditional marketing methods, talking about how great your business is and that people should buy from you. You can do that if you want. But instead if you start listening, blogging and selflessly helping your audience, one day you will turn around and realize that all of a sudden your clients are easier to work with than ever before. They will be sending you referrals…daily. They will happily be asking you questions and then buying a home with you without incident. The days of pulling teeth will be over for you! It will be smooth sailing.

Why? Because the people who call you will be people who know for a fact that you’re the real deal. They won’t question your advice, because they KNOW you’ll steer them straight. They trust you from square one. That’s the power of blogging. That’s what I help my clients achieve. If you’ve wondered what the big deal about blogging is, that’s the essence of it. A well-written blog is a trust magnet.

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  1. Very well said! Really caring and giving will endure you to whole families. Also, your blogs, and any information you offer, must be relevant, accurate, timely, and most importantly GENUINE. If you give the same advice to your clients that you would give to your Mom then you are probably on the right track.

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