New Year’s Resolutions and the Three R’s


Before I launch into my post, I want to say happy new year to everyone. May your real estate investments be the ones that see unprecedented growth in 2010 and your rentals stay occupied.

Once upon a time I was a motivational speaker. That is, folks would hire me to give their employees or convention attendees either a seminar or a “rah-rah” speech. I loved to do this because I’m basically a rah-rah type of guy.

One part of my presentation consisted of telling people how to achieve their goals. Now there are many ways to do this but I believe in keeping it simple. I don’t know who first pioneered the Three R principle but, to me, that didn’t make any difference since it works. I stumbled across it in the 1980’s and have used it ever since.

The Three R’s

1. Reasonable.
2. Realistic.
3. Rewarding.

Given a new year is only hours old now, let’s apply the R’s to your new year’s resolutions. If you are a thinking person, a reasonable resolution just makes sense. One can argue that realistic might be R number one but that would be picking nits.

Realistic differs from reasonable given our personal abilities, work ethic and habits. You and I could be standing side by side and as we were stating our resolutions, we would look at each other and say that such and such is simply not realistic or reasonable. Obviously, these remarks would be made through our perception filter.

Rewarding is something all real estate investors want to visit with each deal. After all, if it isn’t rewarding, why do it. In fact, rewarding is the basic creed in this business.

There you have it. My new year’s wish to you and a skeletal guide on how to make your resolutions successful.

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  1. I must say I’ve never been a resolution type of guy. For me, why would I make a resolution when I know I’m only lying to myself.

    Just like most everybody else, resolutions are ways to make yourself feel better about the fact that you’re setting yourself up to accept failure. Have a big rah-rah and then when you get home, it’s back to the same ‘ol stuff.

    If you’re goals are reasonable and realistic, then you’re going to be just as disappointed with the reward. You’ve got to push yourself past whats comfortable, reasonable and realistic if you want to truly reap the rewards.

    Happy New Years

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