The Most Important Tip About Buying A Home As A Vet

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There are a lot of home loan experts out there who have various tips and suggestions about buying a home. I guess this post is no exception, but I’m directing this particular list of tips to Vets and in particular those Vets who are looking to buy a home.

The Most Important Tip – Get a VA Loan

If you can qualify for this loan as a Vet or through some of the other qualification criteria the VA loan is one of the best mortgage loans a person can get. Below are some of the features of this loan that make it very attractive:

  • The is no mortgage insurance
  • You can finance 100% of the home purchase price
  • You can work it out so that the sellers pay nearly all or all of your closing costs
  • Interest rates are as competitive if not better than regular mortgage interest rates

Other Tips For Buying A Home

Tip #1 – Stay up to date

It is important to remember that your VA loan officer is working for you, but also has other clients and may get busy. If you haven’t heard anything about your loan in a few days, get in touch and find out what’s happening.

Tip #2 – Play Low to Stay Safe

Determine what you really want to pay for your home. Often people qualify for more than what they want to pay for their monthly housing expense. My opinion on this is that you should always pay the lower amount.

Vice versa if you qualify for less than what you want to pay – be satisfied that the bank is protecting you from getting yourself in too deep. Do not make the mistake of hoping for the raise or the bonus or inheritance to help you out in the future. It never comes when you need it. So don’t set yourself up to fail – play low and stay safe.

Tip #3 – Compare Loan Offers

Make sure you get at least 3 loan officer from three different mortgage companies. Even if you want to go with a preferred company – do yourself a favor and get another opinion or two for loan costs and for what you qualify for – this will keep everyone honest.

Tip #4 – Ask Questions

Remember this about getting a mortgage – the only bad question is the question that you don’t ask. The worst time to start asking questions is at the closing table – as soon as you have a question – start asking them. It will help you have a smooth home buying experience.

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  1. Great information for veterans, Justin. I would also like to add that military home owners should be aware of DoD’s Housing Assistance Program which is a tremendous benefit for those who qualify in avoiding financial losses due to short sales.

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