BiggerPockets Interview with Investor James Vermillion

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We kick off our real estate investor video interview series (thank you Skype!) with an interview with James Vermillion of K&V LLC. James is a rehabber based in Kentucky who is in the process of working on his 2nd and 3rd deals. While he is very early in his career, as you can tell from the interview, he has some serious pearls of wisdom to share. Watch and learn!

Please leave any feedback about the interview or questions for James below.

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  1. Really great interview. Definatly keep them coming Josh!

    And BTW… Josh, has anybody told you you look like Adam Levine from Maroon 5? hahahaha

    James, my partner and I have a very similar business structure. He does a lot of the physical stuff, answers the phone and negotiates with sellers while I administer our website, I do the book keeping, I do the phone calls with business contacts, etc.

    Just curious, what type of system you are your partner are using to for time and appointment management. You said that you schedule appointments between you partner and contractors, but how do you know when your partner’s schedule is open? My partner and I are sharing an iCal, but I feel like there could be something better out there.

    Again great interview and best of luck to you and your business James!

    • Hey Chris – Yeah . . . I’ve heard it once or twice 😉 Actually, when I used to live in LA I’d get the stares all over . . . he’s a lucky guy – to look so much like me! Too bad I don’t have his singing skills!

    • Chris,

      Thanks for the kind words. As for your question about the calendar issue it can be a bit tricky. We actually use a simple monthly calendar in Microsoft Word for starters. I keep up with the update and we have a meeting on Skype every Saturday morning (complete with PowerPoint slides, project updates, financial reviews, etc). During the meeting we look at the upcoming week and figure out what needs to be scheduled and when. He does a lot of the scheduling himself as well, but when needed I typically get a few options from the contractor (or whoever) to increase the odds of making something work. We have talked multiple times about a shared electronic calendar, so we might give that a try (although our current system is working well).
      Good luck to you as well!

  2. Nice interview! 🙂 It’s good to meet you, James. So great to hear about other BP members especially those just starting out – we’ve all been there. I’m not much of a rehabber so I’m sure there’s a lot to gain just by hearing about your stories and experiences!!

  3. James, it sounds like you and your partner are taking a well planned, measured approach. Also, you have a solid foundation for a successful partnership and business. And I think it’s wise to keep the day job as long as possible. Y’all are doing great!

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