Where to Find Real Estate Investment Opportunities


“Productivity growth is a crucial source of growth in living standards. Productivity growth means more value is added in production and this means more income is available to be distributed.”

This is the best time to be a real estate investor. Highly efficient systems allow us never-before-seen productivity that, wherever you are in America, in a matter of 15 minutes, in the comfort of your personal computer, you are able to search for any type of home, study local market statistics, have a literal bird’s eye view of the area and establish communication to the other party.

15 MINUTES. Merely half the time to make Rachel Ray’s Puttanesca. Truly, a land flowing with milk and honey. I’ve had clients who I’ve never shaken hands with, stack hundred dollar bills like Russian oligarchs.

And there are only a handful places in the world where this level of productivity is possible. Yes, success comes with a steep price tag whether you reside in a “third” or “first world” country — but what people fail to consider is the person from another country has to work at least twice as hard to climb the same wall (and not unheard of, risk being kidnapped after success is attained).

If you’re looking for investment opportunities in any part of the U.S, you can:

  • Go to Google and search for “City or State + Real Estate Stats” or any relative combination hereof like “___ real estate blog, ____housing market, ______home values, ________ real estate market etc.”

    Note: Trulia and Zillow are good sources of information for lesser known cities and states. Toss it in the keyword combination.

  • If you want to dig deeper in local economic stats, contact local title companies through local real estate agent.  Or local, trusted real estate hubs (ex: Rain City Guide and Seattle Bubble for Seattle, Washington Area) are very good resources.
  • City-data.com (search “name of city + city data”) is a good source of local statistics and and local perception of the place.
  • Cross reference local statistics to State economic data through Realtor.org ( get raw numbers, not opinion),  Altos Research (major west coast cities), Jonathan Miller(mostly east coast cities), or any major real estate portal of the State (NY times real estate section).
  • And don’t forget, ‘Google map picture’ the area.

“None of the world’s problems will have a solution until the world’s individuals become thoroughly self-educated.”

– Richard Fuller

Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Fascinated with business models more than super models. Joe is a real estate blogger from Northern NV (based in Reno) stalking the Reno- Lake Tahoe Real Estate market since 2007. He is most at ease (and peaceful) when at home spending time with his beautiful wife Anna and their two kids. (And watching the 2011 2013 NBA Playoffs.)


  1. Having practically grown up in the information age, I can’t imagine how real estate professionals used to work, how time-consuming things must have been, and how people would make decisions without all the information we have available today. Crazy.

    • Mathew,

      “Having practically grown up in the information age, I can’t imagine how real estate professionals used to work, how time-consuming things must have been…”

      That’s why I say man…which makes it easier to be dull knives. human nature, it seems, still look for the big aha moment, that big spark…when it’s been in front of us.

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