Turn-Key Property Investing: An Interview with Ken Corsini

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Ken CorsiniKen Corsini is a real estate investor and founder of Georgia Residential Partners, a Turn-Key property investment firm. In our interview with Ken (12:56 minutes), we get into topics including why to get into turn-key properties, who might consider these investments, the benefits and negatives of a turn-key property investment, what to expect with these investments, and how it all works! We also cover what newer investors should do if they don’t want to go this path. If you’re a newer investor and are considering landlording out of state, this is an interview you can’t miss!

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  1. Thanks Ken! Great interview guys!

    Couple questions:

    1.) Are your buyers using financing or are these cash investors?
    2.) So you purchase, rehab, lease, maybe season a bit, and then sell as a turn key? If that is the case, have you found that the double closing costs are effecting the properties that you can purchase? Do you eliminate title insurance for the second closing to save a few hundred bucks or is that something that you still provide for the investor for piece of mind?

    Thanks Ken, this is great for me to start thinking about.

    Finally, why did you decide to hire a PM co rather than starting a licensed PM co to service your turn key business?

    Thanks again guys! Great stuff.

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