Interview with Commercial Real Estate Investor, Joel Owens on Multifamily & Retail Investments

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Joel OwensJoel Owens is a commercial real estate investor, CRE broker, and a long time BiggerPockets member.

In our interview with Joel (34:59 minutes), we discuss land development for commercial projects, owner financing multi-families, how to get started in commercial, triple net lease deals, wealth creation vs. wealth preservation, how to look out for retail deals that result in lower rents due to terminating leases, and using commercial hard money lenders so you can repair your properties, raise rents, and leverage your cash.

You can learn more about Joel via his Company’s site, All World Realty at

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  1. This was a good interview. I am migrating into commercial real estate myself. Listening to this interview reinforced what I am learning and observing. Thanks for sharing.

    I am curious. Whats your take on mobile home parks and storage units. From what I am learning they are fairly stable products to consider. I am curious what your thoughts are.

  2. Thanks Jon.

    I am looking to buy some more in the same complex and will see what happens.


    Mobile home parks are pretty much dead here in Georgia.My mom’s friends own about 40 trailers and have been in the business for 30 years. The counties and cities here don’t want them because of complaints from surrounding subdvisions,transients at the parks,and the trailers have a low tax value so they don’t bring in much revenue for the county or city and are an eyesore.

    The parks we have here are grandfathered in and no new ones are being built.

    Self storage can be a great money maker.Many retirees are downsizing and need a place to store their stuff.Climatized self storage with security is where it’s at.

    I am not saying you can’t make money off of mobile homes it’s just that it is a dying investment asset class here.Now if you find an old trailer park you can buy on a main road then that will be good cash flow until you sell for redevelopment.

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