Interview with Chris Clothier of Memphis Invest: Turn-Key Real Estate Investments & Landlording

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Chris ClothierChris Clothier is a real estate investor, and co-owner of the turn-key real estate investment firm, Memphis Invest.

In our interview with Chris (45:13 minutes), we discuss a wide-range of topics pertinent to both novice and experienced investors alike, including: how to manage your portfolio, establishing a selection criteria for your properties, the need for capital to invest in rental properties, putting together a strong team, property management philosophies, why you should make major repairs at the time of purchase of your rentals instead of deferring maintenance, and many other topics around the concept of turn-key investments.

You can also learn more about Chris and his company via Twitter at @chrisdclothier or on YouTube at MemphisInvest.

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  1. Great interview. I watched it all! (I’m wondering if this is the longest interview).

    Chris, sounds like you have developed a profitable model based on great experience. Our company has the same philosophy on property management. We started out managing our own properties and moved into select few 3rd properties. We treat those clients as partners and their properites as our own.

    Thanks for sharing.

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