What is the Reverse Squeeze Page?

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How can you make your real estate marketing efforts differ from your competition? When considering the traditional mindset behind a typical squeeze page for lead generation, a majority of the time you will find that marketers will offer something of value in exchange for an email or contact information.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is one of the most effective ways to pull in more leads for your business when you provide a very strong and compelling offer. We absolutely love it, and this strategy has worked wonders for our own business, as well as for our clients as well.

On the other hand, as more and more professionals continue to grasp the power behind using squeeze pages as a part of their real estate marketing plan, it pays to be a little different every once in a while. So today, we’re going to reveal a nifty little tactic, which is better known as…

The Reverse Squeeze Page

There is certainly no denying that today’s online prospects are savvier than ever before. As we have seen with constant Google algorithm changes, overnight .coms, a constant influx of new and better technology, plus information that travels at the speed of light, nothing can contend with high quality products and services.

In fact, this is the only way to survive and thrive in today’s online marketplace. Therefore, in order for you to convert a high percentage of leads utilizing this real estate marketing tactic, you will need to constantly find ways to completely knock your visitors’ socks off. Otherwise, you can rest assured that each person will quickly be returning to where they came from in order to go tapping on your competitor’s door.

So what the heck is a reverse squeeze page and how can it help to effectively produce more opt ins for your business? Very simply, it is providing your audience with a ton of free and great content up front before you ever ask for any of their contact information.

How Does the Reverse Differ from a Traditional Squeeze?

The mindset behind this strategy is as follows: way before you ever request for your prospects to make any type of commitment, you will be able to prove to your audience that you are trustworthy and competent. And how many of your competitors are currently doing that with their real estate marketing?

Hence, this begins a gradual descent down a very slippery slope. First, you grab your prospects’ attention by providing an article, report, video course, webinar, “secret” list, etc. jam packed with enough information that folks will feel they got their fill even if they don’t choose to opt in.

Sure you may lose a few people here and there (tip: have calls to action throughout your content in order to continually draw them in), but those who grasp how awesome you and your stuff really are will be quick to join your list. Plus, you better believe that they will be on the edge of their seat the next time you post or email something.

Therefore, why don’t you consider giving this real estate marketing tactic a try and see how it works for you. To get you started off in the right direction, Josh Schoenly will share a few quick examples with you in the video below…

Access the links Josh refers to in the video right below:
Reverse Squeeze Page Example 1
Reverse Squeeze Page Example 2
Reverse Squeeze Page Example 3

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  1. This is an unbelievably valuable philosophy. You’ll find that many of the sales gurus including Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins are actually advising this quite heavily. It’s basically “Education based marketing”. It’s a great way to help people, take sales pressure off of them, and actually demonstrate to them that you are an expert and have their best interests at heart.
    It’s awesome to see you promoting this for online marketing! Great tips in the post.
    Do you have any advice on techniques that are not time intensive but have had results for you?

    • Eric, thanks for that excellent feedback. Awesome to hear that Chet and Tony are also promoting this concept as well. It seems to be really gaining popularity as marketers become more and more people focused. Very few things seem to build customer loyalty and long term business relationships quite like this.

      As for your question, everything we do of course has a small upfront investment at first. But that’s the one facet I love about internet marketing. One campaign can pay off dividends for years to come. Some of the most effective strategies we have found with our own business is utilizing video marketing and email follow ups.

      Videos are so easy to create, engage your audience, build rankings and authority, and provide subtle calls to action. As for emails, we have found that providing information to our audience more regularly (even daily) breed better results than if we were to only stay in touch weekly or bi-monthly for example. As long as you are always offering quality information, people will stick around and interact.

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