An Average Weekend for Someone Who Works Full-Time and Invests in Real Estate

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Like many of you, I work a demanding full-time job.  My “day job” as I call it, includes a lot of airplane flights, ridiculous schedules, and many days when I have no idea what city I am in, given back-back-back-back business trips.

Thus, I have to find time to maximize my non-working hours if I want to be successful with buy-and-hold real estate investing. As you might imagine, this means I have to focus a lot of my attention during evenings and weekends to be successful in growing our business. To that end, I will walk you through my high-level activities from last weekend to give you an idea of how I get it all done.

When I can, my weekend starts by 7:00PM Friday.

This past Friday Olivia and I went out to dinner with a couple of private investors with whom we have done business in the past.

We love this couple, as we see the world alike in many ways. Frankly, we would be friends with this couple even if they didn’t chose to invest with us, as they are solid people.  It should be noted that this couple has since started actively investing in our market, and they have done great things in short order. In short our dinner wasn’t about securing access to additional funds, but instead, was about checking on our market through the eyes of other active investors.  The market is large and always changing, so getting insight and double-checking our data points is huge, and I value the sanity check.  Besides checking on the market, we shared some insight into how to manage a property managers from a couple of hours away. I enjoyed the dinner, and was very happy to see how successful our friends have been during their first year in our market.

The dinner was cut a little short because of one of those life events (or surprises).  One of our Shih Tzu’s had to be sent to the veterinarian because he was snipped by the groomer.  He is fine, as he only needed one stitch, but it was a late night and not a lot of fun.  But again, life events happen to everyone and you need to deal with them and move on to the task at hand.


Saturday was about reviewing our last week, discussing our last apartment closing, and planning our next set of offers.  We also reviewed our expenses from the previous month and made a few phone calls to new agents we hadn’t met yet.  We believe in growing our network every week if we can.

In addition, I spent a lot of time looking through the MLS to find deals my usual searches would have missed.  It was sort of a good news/bad news situation on this front. The good news is I didn’t miss much; the bad news is that there is not a lot out there that meets my criteria currently.


On Sunday we had scheduled a 9:00 AM coffee outing with a potential new private money investor that heard our story at a local real estate event.  We went through our model in detail and answered some great questions.  It turns out, the investor was just fishing for ideas and wasn’t really committed.

To relax on Sunday afternoon, I picked up a real estate book I had been reading, took it outside, and read 50+ pages.  I always have at least one book going at a time, as I like to keep learning.

As I closed Sunday, I took the time to write up this post to ensure I had at least a rough draft completed one week in advance of my deadline.

In the end, I would have hoped to have found another deal or two to chase down, but given the current supply and demand imbalance in my market, I will keep my powder dry and see what the Oct-Dec buying season has in store for us.

Good Investing

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Michael Zuber is an active buy-and-hold real estate investor who still has a full-time job. Michael is not an agent or broker, and simply uses the internet and agent relationships to drive his business. He currently averages at least one deal a month and has developed laser focus on his 5 step process.


  1. It takes a lot of commitment to be successful in real estate while working a full time job Michael. I don’t think the average person has any concept of how hard this is. And possibly, they just can’t fit it in around their scheduled television programs.

  2. I have found it somewhat challenging in the past juggling buying, managing rehabs, and rentals while having Mo-Fri 8-5 job. But this year I did something that’s upped my investing game like a hurricane. I found a full time job (with benefits) Fri-Sat-Sun x 10 hrs each day and I’m off Mo through Thursday. I spend my FOUR free days haunting deals like never before. You better believe I have an edge above full time Mo-Fri folks. On a positive note: I have an abundance mindset, so I know that there are enough deals for everybody. Just use what you have and you will be all right. My favorite quote: Don’t pray for a better day, pray for better thinking. It applies to investing… and everything else:)

  3. Your schedule is in line with mine. During the week days when I’m in town around my properties I try to use that time to find new properties and manage my current portfolio. Vesting the weekend in real estate is well worth it. When I first started a few years ago I would call on properties listed for rent just to meet the landlord and take away any information I could get, sometimes I still do.


  4. Its all about filling those 15 minute blocks. There is always something that can be done. We have a 9 month old that forces us into smaller chunks of time.

    Mike, I like how you make the most out of dinners and evenings.


  5. Hey Mike, do you ever leverage all that free travel your “day job” offers to explore new markets as yours gets tighter?

    I’ve always found the downside to travel to be away from family… but the upside is time on an airplane or in a motel room in the evenings gives you the peace and quiet needed to get stuff done.

    • Hi Nathan,

      In the past I have looked in other markets but at this point I know my market cold and don’t need the cost an overhead of learning a new market.

      As for leveraging time away I do find time to write, read and call new Realtors many nights as the time zone changes usually mean I can call west coast agents while I am on the East coast and not be too late in the day

      Good Investing

  6. This fits so perfectly right now. My day job isn’t quite as demanding and travel-filled as yours, but the schedule is off the wall, and there’s the 3 kiddos starting school & daycare, the wife starting her next semester of college, and our 5 baby kittens we’re having to bottle feed.

    In addition to this, I’m now trying to start/grow our business. It’s AMAZING how much time you find when it’s for you, when before there was just “no time”.

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