BiggerPockets Podcast 023: Flipping While Working a Job, Partnerships, and Military Investing with James Vermillion

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One of the biggest issues that most investors face is the issue of investing while holding a full time job. In today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with real estate investor James Vermillion to discuss how he has built his real estate flipping and buy-and-hold investing business while working full time in the US Military and with a non-real estate business. James shares his story, along with numerous tips for managing your time while working a job and dealing with partnerships to maximize your investing power.

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In This Show, We Cover

BiggerPockets Podcast _ Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building 9.42.11 AM

  • How James works a full time job while flipping houses
  • Overcoming the “Education Only Phase” and buying his first property
  • Investing while serving in the US Military
  • How James succeeded without any expensive courses or mentors
  • How to find free online college-level real estate education
  • Transitioning from Flipping to Buy and Hold
  • Finding financing for flipping through a local community bank
  • Tips and tricks for finding deals still on the MLS
  • How to make a partnership work great
  • Tips for finding a free mentor

Links from the Show

James’ BP Blog Post on Free Education
BP Podcast 006: Investing While Holding a Full Time Job with Arthur Garcia
The Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening

Links for Military Investors

US Small Business Admin (Veterans Section):

VA Veterans Business Portal:

SCORE (offers some free and discounted resources for military):

Books Mentioned in the Show

Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron Chernow

The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs

Tweetable Topics:

“What works in one market won’t necessarily work in another market.” (Tweet This!)

“A partnership will never be 50/50 all the time – and that’s okay.” (Tweet This!)

“Don’t pick a strategy and build you life around it. Look at your life – and build a strategy that fits your needs.” (Tweet This!)

Connect with James

James’ BiggerPockets Profile
James’ Company Website

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  1. Great Podcast! This is probably my favorite interview.

    As a community banker, real estate investor and former member of the military this one really resonated with me.

    “The bank isn’t lending on a house-flip, the bank is lending to a business” Great Quote

  2. Great Podcast! I’m a Realestate investor as well, in Washington DC and activity duty Air Force. I’m getting ready to retire and will have more time to do more. Thanks for the information.

  3. Al Williamson on

    Hey James,
    I’m proud of you as well! Your strategy seem bullet proof and your method of using multiple strategies to build wealth is so wise. Thanks for sharing so freely!

    • James Vermillion

      Thanks Al! I have learned a lot from you, especially about increasing income and cutting expenses. I think it is very important to be well-rounded in this business, because when conditions change you have to be able to adapt, and starting from scratch every time will cause HUGE setbacks!

  4. Great podcast!!
    Incredible motivation and example to all on how do follow through!

    I really like how you show us how there are some bank with good terms willing
    to lend!


  5. James Pagano on

    New to BiggerPockets first podcast – what a great way to start.

    James – thanks for your service to our country and thanks for the information covered. Really liked your tip on mentoring.

    Thank you

  6. Great podcast again!

    I have learned a lot from the podcast so far.

    On 5/15 I listened to the J. Scott’s podcast, what he said about getting the RE license just suddenly wake me up. On 5/17 I signed up the online class, on 6/24 I passed my exam, on my way to get my license! I not only see the convenience it brings to the investor, also it opens many more doors for a licensed agent.

    Now I am working with one of the guests from the podcast to start my marketing campaign.

    Thank you all for putting the efforts and educate us. As many people remember how Rich Dad, Poor Dad change their vision, their life, a lot more will remember BP’s role in their investment path.

  7. Taylor Jennings on

    You sold me on getting the real estate license by saying, “It’s a control thing.”

    I hear ya.

    Btw Keeneland is awesome. Hope to see you out there! My wife and I try to go in spring and fall.

  8. James,
    Excellent podcast. I was particularly interested in your podcast since I am also flipping houses on a part-time basis while working a full time job. It is great to hear the tips you shared and how you have been successful building your business part-time. I’m continuously refining my own business model to flip houses part-time, and the tips you shared are very helpful in doing that.
    Bryan Snider

  9. Just finished listening to Show 23.
    It was very informative and seems that I can have a career in real estate while working a full time job.
    So here is where I am. When a property is acquired and work needs to be done, how/when do you get the work done while working a full time job.
    If anyone reading this post, would like to partner up…I would love to hear from you at the same time see where we can best help each other out.
    Also my state does not allow for an online real estate course so any realtors that have a passion for investing are welcome to leave me their contact information.
    I would like to have a realtor license so if any one is able to recommend a state that has online courses near Greenville, SC….may also be an option for me.

    Thank you to Josh, Brandon and James!

  10. David Ferrette

    I have listened to all the the podcasts that preceded this one and I have to say it is one of my favorites. I really like the insight James brings to partnerships and his W2 job. My partnership is only 2 properties deep but we hope to grow as you did while maintaining our W2 jobs.

  11. Kristopher Kyzar

    I’m a little behind in my Bigger Pockets access. Found the site a few months ago, and just listened to this episode. I’m glad I did. Much like you, James, I’m in the military (Navy) and have spent a lot of time overseas (Guam). I’ve been letting my real estate dreams fall by the wayside while focusing on this career, and your podcast has reinvigorated me to get it moving again. Thank you!

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