What is the First Step as a New Real Estate Investor?

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Once in a while, quite often actually, I receive an email asking me what should be the first step for a new investor.  I think that people want me to define a definite step by step roadmap which is guaranteed to lead to success.  While there certainly exist actionable steps that I am able to share with people, the more important point that I can share is this:

Life is fluid and unpredictable; it does not give you the answers when you want them, but when you are ready for them.  Therefore in my experience even the most clearly defined action steps will not lead to success unless placed within the context of an underlying perspective. 

What is this perspective?  Find out in this video!

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Ben Leybovich

Ben Leybovich has been investing in multifamily real estate since 2006. His area of expertise is creative finance. Ben works extensively with private as well as institutional financing. Ben the author of the Cash Flow Freedom University and creator of a cash flow analysis software CFFU Cash Flow Analyzer.


  1. OMG fake it til u make it!

    I would add the “100 house” or “100 comm property” walk through rule.

    Walk through 100 properties, I dont care what kind: SFR, 3 family, small apartments, etc.

    Find the asking price, and watch the deal. What was the sales price at the end? What were the terms?

    This way you learn your marketplace for free.

    Nice vid Ben, Fake it til you make it.

    As Woody Allen said, “90% of success is just showing up.”

    • Hi Brian,

      I am just starting to learn. Plus I am currently unemployed, so this is a perfect time to learn and get my ducks in a row before I actually get an income to start investing with. I really like the idea of going to see 100 properties. It appeals to my sense of real-world learning. How would I go about doing that without annoying a realtor when I’m not going to buy anything.

      I live in Manhattan, but I want to start investing in Eastern Pennsylvania. It’s not a long drive, and I have family there, so it’s an area I’m familiar with.


  2. Sharon Vornholt

    Hey Ben –

    I tell people all the time to “Fake it until they make it”. I’m never talking about fooling anyone, but rather taking action now even if it is out of your comfort zone; even if you don’t have all the pieces in place. And yes I do believe that when you put your desires out there to the universe and take action (yes you have to take action), synchronicity will begin to happen. The universe will arrange things for you to make it happen.

    Great information.


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