I Dropped Everything to Invest in Real Estate With My Significant Other: Here’s My Story

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Hey, everyone!

Dominique here, also known as The Queen of Ohio Cashflow, The Real Estate Dingo’s better half, Engelo’s partner in life and business, AND last but not least, the woman keeping the crazy Dingo in check (as much as I can). You’re welcome. 🙂

I thought I’d pop on here today and give Engelo a break, as he has some Yellow Ladder Videos to catch up on. I wanted to share some insight as to what my experience has been thus far with someone whose passion is real estate investing and how I came to be on board with it.

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My Story

So where better to start than from the very beginning…

It all happened a couple years ago, when I met this insane Australian. He spoke passionately of nothing but real estate, investing, finance, business, compound interest, passive income, etc. I had no idea what any of it meant at the time, as I was planning to go to school for occupational therapy, which was my Plan B. I had no idea what my Plan A was yet.

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After a few months of spending quite a lot of time together and learning his story of how he had left his home to come here and start up a real estate investment company in the US — somewhere along the way, my interest in what he was doing was definitely piqued.

I mean, how can you ignore the purpose that drove someone halfway across the world to achieve it?

Engelo’s passion towards real estate was absolutely contagious. The more time I spent with him, the more I learned and began to trust his “vision,” and the more I wanted to be a part of it. From that point on, without a doubt, I had found my Plan A.

And together we sat down (elbow-to-elbow in a tiny 10 x 10 office) and created Ohio Cashflow.

It wasn’t a “normal” life for two individuals in their 20s. It consisted of long, stressful hours, a frugal lifestyle to say the least, and yeah… you can forget about dates. 😉

The Payoff

But in the time I came on board with Engelo and real estate investing, I learned to trust in him and what became “our vision.” Even though we were nowhere and had nothing, we had everything. We were kings at heart. Why? Because we trusted ourselves and each other and through that, we forged a partnership that was ultimately unstoppable. I believed in him and he in me. There was no doubt or fear in either one of us because we knew our purpose, we knew where we were heading, and we had a clear path on how to get there.

Not many 20-year-olds can say that. 🙂

Did I ever look back and wish I had finished school and had that solid, “secure” income? Not a chance. Why would I? I am working beside the love of my life, and we are creating something HUGE. Every day I realize that the effort and innovation that I apply grows OUR company. How cool is that?!

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For those who have a spouse who is looking at becoming a real estate investor, my advice would be this:

1. Support and Trust Them

You have to trust that your spouse has your best interest at heart and is only looking to give you and the family a better life.

2. Learn and Grow Together

You are already partners in life. Partner up on investing as well. Learn and grow together. Two people brainstorming will get you much farther than just one.

3. Make Sure Your Goals and Visions Align

Discuss where you both want to be and what you’re going to do to get there. Write it down on a piece of paper (or on the kitchen wall with a big marker like we did) so that you have a daily reminder of what you as a team are working towards and so that you remain on the same page.

Always remember this:

“Fear is your worst enemy, while risk is your best friend.”

So who better to risk it all with than your very own partner in crime?


Do you invest in real estate with your significant other?

Let us know your story in the comments section below!

About Author

Engelo Rumora

Engelo Rumora, the Real Estate Dingo and your favorite Australian, quit school at the age of 14 and played professional soccer at the age of 18. From there, he began to invest in real estate. He now owns real estate all over the world and has bought, renovated, and sold over 500 properties. He is currently in the process of launching an ICO that will “Decentralize The Real Estate Industry.” He’s also known for giving houses away to people in need and his crazy videos on YouTube. His life’s mission is to be remembered as someone who gave it his all and gave it all away.


  1. Marcus Maloney


    Great story, it’s not often we fine people that are aligned and willing to sacrifice everything for the unknown. You guys continue to work together and build Ohio Cashflow into a conglomerate. Much success to you.

    “Enjoying the Journey”

  2. Christy Barton

    Thank you for sharing this! I can definitely relate to so much of what you said. Although my husband and I both loved the thought of real estate investing before we met, we actually didn’t start until just over a year ago. We love it! Our Friday night dates have turned into driving for dollars and looking at properties. It’s a blast! We haven’t grown to where we want to be but it’s so exciting to watch the growth happen day after day. 🙂

    Keep on keepin’ on and wish you bith much success!

    • Dominique Osborn

      Hi Christy!

      I’m so happy you enjoyed my story and were able to relate! I was hoping that it would reach out to people that are either already investing with their partners or those who have not yet taken that step, but just needed a little insight and push 😉

      Sounds like you and your husband are on the right path to something great!

      Wishing you guys the best of luck 🙂


  3. ericka williams

    Great stuff. I love biggerpockets and connecting with other real estate investors. All Tweetables. Enjoy the journey, having a significant other that supports your dreams is so important.

    ” I mean, how can you ignore the purpose that drove someone halfway across the world to achieve it?” best start

    1. Support and Trust Them

    2. Learn and Grow Together

  4. Bolawa Fadoju

    My wife and I are in our early 30’s and looking on embarking on the Real Investment journey together, so I definitely relate to this. We are currently doing all the research we can and building our team at the moment. She intends to work full time as a doctor and work with me on the finer details and keep me in check while we turn this dream into a reality.

    Thanks so much for sharing as this certainly is a confidence booster that shows if you can do it, we can all do it….

    • Dominique Osborn

      Hi Bolawa!

      Congrats on taking the first step in beginning your real estate journey!!! Sounds like you guys have a solid system going- Keep learning, making goals, and establishing relationships with the RIGHT ppl and I believe you both will do great!

      Thanks and keep the dream alive!


  5. Daniel Zamora

    Great story you two…

    I am new to real estate and I am interested in wholesaling
    Any suggestions pointers will be helpful.

    I am trying to teach my girlfriend about real estate too she is very interested.
    Another question what do you think about mentorship?

    This site has been helpful to me as I am a new member keep up the good work.

    Look forward to meeting many members here.

    Take care


    • Dominique Osborn

      Hi Daniel!

      Thanks for the comment- there is a TON of information on BP that is incredibly useful to new and seasoned investors, def read up as much as you can 🙂 Also my advice is to attend any real estate meet ups in your area, or reach out to your local investor and invite them for coffee- pick their brain! 😉

      Thanks and I wish you the best of luck a long your real estate journey!!!


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