#AskBP 031: How Can I Successfully Borrow Money From Family or Friends?

by | BiggerPockets.com

Using other people’s money is a common strategy when investing in real estate. But what if those “other people” are your family or friends? How do you grow your real estate business while still maintaining great relationships? Here’s how…

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Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner (G+ | Twitter) spends a lot of time on BiggerPockets.com. Like… seriously… a lot. Oh, and he is also an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, traveler, third-person speaker, husband, and author of “The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down“, and “The Book on Rental Property Investing” which you should probably read if you want to do more deals.


  1. Douglass Belt

    Great quick podcast and this subject has been on my mind lately. Brandon, you mentioned to have a professional way about asking for money from friends and family. Do you know of a template business plan or loan proposal template I could use when presenting the investment opportunity to my family member? I need to have this as professional as possible so they understand I am serious and committed. Again great podcast!

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