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Allison Leung

A career writer, editor and blogger, Allison serves as the Director of Content for In the past, she has channeled her passion and curiosity for all things real estate into her jobs by working in real estate law and heading a blog about real estate market trends. Don’t ask about her dog, Ace, unless you want to see approximately 500 photos of his (adorable) face.

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  1. Keith Jones

    Great stuff, i am looking forward to the webinar tonight. Although I have been in the business as a full time, wholesaler, and fix and flipper i had to learn the hard way that cash flow is king. My new strategy is to buy single family houses, duplex, triplexes, and quads for residual income. Going at this hard to buy 12 properties buy, July of, 2017. I need all the help I can get.


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