#AskBP 063: 30 Year Mortgage vs. 15 Year Mortgage… Which is Better?

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The two most common loan terms for real estate shoppers is the 30 year mortgage and the 15 year mortgage. But what is the best for you? In this episode of the #AskBP Podcast, Brandon discusses the pros and cons of each to help YOU decide which is your ideal loan term length. Stay tuned!

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Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner (G+ | Twitter) spends a lot of time on BiggerPockets.com. Like... seriously... a lot. Oh, and he is also an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, traveler, third-person speaker, husband, and author of "The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down", and "The Book on Rental Property Investing" which you should probably read if you want to do more deals.


  1. Ruud van de Beeten

    I’d like to add another reason why someone would want a 30 year mortgage. In the Netherlands, and also in the US, it’s possible to make extra payments to decrease the debt. Some lenders will have restrictions to the amount of extra payments per year (10-20% of the total initial mortgage in the Netherlands) so look into that.

    With the ability to make extra payments you are more flexible to pay down the debt. If the property is vacant, don’t pay down, if you have a nice cashflow you can choose to pay extra.

    Just my 2 cents.

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