BiggerPockets Podcast 142: 22 ½ ACTIONABLE Tips for Beginner Real Estate Investors With Josh and Brandon!

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WARNING: We’re sorry, but there is no way you’ll be able to listen to today’s show without taking MASSIVE ACTION immediately after! Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast, Josh and Brandon bring you 22 (and a half) of their all-time favorite ACTIONABLE tips for building your real estate empire, especially if you’re just getting started. This show will leave you with a serious list of direct, actionable next steps that you can start implementing in your real estate today. Get ready because this show is going to change how you do real estate. You’ve been warned!

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • The actionable tips to help you take off as a real estate entrepreneur
  • Tips for posting on Craigslist
  • Why you should analyze 3 deals every single day
  • What to look for in a local real estate agent
  • A great way to connect with local real estate investors
  • Why house-hacking a great strategy for newbies
  • The real estate books that matter
  • The importance of knowing your credit
  • The two phrases to eliminate from your vocabulary
  • The importance of giving your agent your criteria
  • Why you should consider using yellow letters
  • The strategy of walking for dollars
  • How to formulate a roadmap for success
  • Why flip shows video are great
  • How to continue your education in financial literacy
  • What podcasts to listen to
  • And SO much more!

Download the Whole List (all 22.5!) 

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  • “Never buy a property when you only analyzed it just in your head.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You’re the average of the 5 people you associate the most.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Everybody has unfair advantages.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. Richard G.

    TIP #21 – Just went to my local library to RSVP Frank Gallinelli “What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow… And 36 Other Key Financial Measures. There seems to be a small wait-list for this particular book so I look forward to reading it and crossing if off my BP book list.

  2. Candy Geo

    I am going to do TIP#9 & TIP#3! I have been postponing on contacting new realtors simply because I keep telling myself, “I CAN’T” but after hearing that great tip from this podcast, I am now ready to say “HOW CAN I CALL MORE REALTORS”, you guys are AWESOME!

  3. Darren Sager

    Actionable items are always winning things. Thanks guys for putting this together! BTW you can only renew an ad on Craigslist so many times before the button will go away. You’ll have to delete and repost after about a month to six weeks I think.

  4. Kenneth B.

    This was a great one guys. It’s always good to go back to basics. Numbers 11 and 16 for me. I’ve been putting off yellow letters for some time but it’s time! Also, will be attending my first auction this month.
    Thanks again!

  5. LaTanya Clemons

    After viewing this podcast, I went out driving for dollars and was amazed at my findings. Right in my own backyard are numerous possibilities. So now that tip # 12 has been inducted into my plan, I now must sit down and start tip # 11.

    Ready, set, go…

  6. Westley Douglas

    Thanks for the podcast Brandon and Josh, I love any tangibles i can get my hands on and execute daily. However I was curious on how to preform one of these steps. Number 2, Analyze three deals every single day, is something I would love to do. My question is where exactly do you guys, or anyone on the forums, get their numbers so freely? I have used zillow, property radar, realtor, but even with these I am still forced to contact the agent to get an income and expense report. What outlet do you guys use to get such information to make #2 possible?
    Love the podcasts!

  7. Steven Quinn

    Just an FYI, Credit Karma does not give you a “real” credit score (one used by lending institutions). The score they give you is an internal score they have come up with and may be substantially different than your Trans Union or Equifax score etc.

    That being said, I use the site and it is very useful in its own right.

    Thanks for the great podcast.

  8. Tim Kelly


    I actually paused the show after tip number one and created a fancy, high-end ad on Craigslist! As you guys continued down the list, I noticed I have done or I do a lot of these things on a regular basis. I then immediately sent my agent an e-mail asking him to hook me up with property alerts.

    The next thing I will do is walk for dollars before it starts getting cold and then I will head to the courthouse!

    Thanks a lot guys. Stay comical and cool!

  9. Cory Binsfield

    Just posted a Craig’s list Ad seeking income properties. So far zero hits, but it’s worth a try.

    Called on a for rent sent and hit gold. Meeting a tired landlord tomorrow to discuss a potential sale. He has 20 units in my target zone. I love driving for dollars.

  10. Cory Binsfield

    One more tip. Call your insurance agent and see if he knows of any investors who are interested in selling. If your agent is a big player, he insures other investors. I found a 26 unit that was not on the market. It was priced too high, but worth the due diligence. Just another tip for those of you looking for a deal that is not on the “market.”

  11. Adrian Smude

    I love the list! I have been doing most of these already, but have some I need to do more often. Thank you guys for another great podcast!
    I LOVE tip #17 and I’m always telling people to do this! I’ve been in the process of talking to many different mortgage people/companies the last month. I call it interviewing them. I learn something new from each person I talk to and I am ready BEFORE I need their money.

  12. Chase Schmidt

    Just printed of the 22 1/2 actionable steps and started at the beginning of the list with #1 Go Post on Craigslist. Last night just hours after posting I got a phone call to come look at two homes…I’m so new that I had to visit the “FilePlace” under resources just to know what to ask the seller!!!

    I could use some advice!!!

  13. Barry Smith

    Josh and Brandon: Regarding your first tip with Craigslist. I have had trouble finding the correct category to post my ad, so what do you recommend. I tried Real Estate Wanted and the Craigslist police rejected, and all jumped on my case. This ad included a fairly simple but photo visual with the same information, that I Buy Houses. Can you please clarify what section you advertise in, where you can just click refresh ever Monday and not get hassled by the Craigslist police… Is it Real Estate Services? Also, when you want to put your ad in many counties, or many markets in the same big area like Los Angeles… how do you get around that issue of you can only post in one place? Thanks for your help!

  14. Nkiruka Okeke

    My three action steps are:
    1. Print out 6 months of bank statements
    2. Automatically save down payment (I already have a property and am working on the next one)
    3. Watch “This old house” on youtube!!!

    Great tips, great podcast! Really will help moving forward with my goals!

  15. Deborah Vierra

    Ok, took ACTION today after listening to this podcast. Posted on both Facebook and Craigslist about wanting to buy a multi-unit, up to 4-plex. Posted a sign on my bedroom mirror that says “How Can I”,
    Next I’m going to learn financial term definitions. Thanks so much for all you do to help the community in our goals to obtain financial freedom. Keep up the good work! Deborah

    Oh, and P.S. Going to sign up for pro membership today. ?

  16. Emerald Sie-Duke

    My HusbanGer (Husband/Manager/Partner) ‘made’ me listen to this Podcast; which is my first btw… What a great way to learn! This is his passion, but with all of the income potential, it is becoming my passion as well. I laughed soooo hard and subscribed to everything immediately! I made my own BP account today and the HusbanGer had a Pro account for about 3 weeks now.

    Today I will start Action Items: 1,6,7,9, 22, and 22.5! And I actually found a Handyman (reputable) on Craigslist! Looking forward to reading the free book I downloaded from BP: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing

    We will be logging in for the Webinar tonight!


  17. Alex Verdugo

    I’ve listened to this podcast several time because there’s such good information and I can’t seem to print out the list to check each one off. But I feel that if I check it off, I won’t do it again. That’d be a bad move on my part. For some reason replying and commenting on the cast today seemed right. I love the casts, listen to them with in between fair for the various delivery companies I drive for. I feel much more confident in my abilities to make a deal happen. Thank you.

  18. Nick Vollrath

    The podcast is great! I’m tackling tip 22 and building my knowledge. I started with the 1st podcast and I’m working my way through each of them. I think in one of your early episodes you mentioned people can listen to the podcasts at 1.5x speed. I’m getting through years of content in a matter of weeks/months.

  19. Roberto Martinez

    A little late here, but better late than never, no? #2 resonated with me the most, though my goal is to analyze one deal a day for the next 6 weeks. Hopefully it’ll become a habit. After giving up on finding a second real estate investment via the traditional route, I pushed myself to try direct mail for the first time. Only sent 38 pieces, LOL!. but got 3 replies, and have a pending offer. I realize I should be ready to make offers on each property I include in my mailers.

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