BiggerPockets Podcast 171: How to Overcome a Devastating First Flip, Scale to 300+ Deals, and Get Land for Free with Ryland Taniguchi

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How would you feel after losing $150,000 on one of your first deals? That’s the story we’re excited to bring you today with guest Ryland Taniguchi. Ryland shares his incredible comeback story of losing a huge sum of money on a flip-gone-bad and fighting through the difficulty to do over 300 deals. You’ll be both amazed and emboldened to blaze through your own difficulties, and you might just pick up a few new tricks while you’re at it. This show is packed full of high-level, actionable tips that will help any investor grow to new heights.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Who is the legend called Ryland?
  • How Ryland got into real estate
  • How he lost $150k on his first flip
  • The story of the “Mafia Contractor
  • The story of the $21,000 porch
  • What he was doing prior to investing
  • How he found his passion in offering free real estate coaching
  • How many employees he has in his company
  • The pros and cons of being your own contractor
  • Thoughts on the BRRRR strategy
  • How he quickly figures out what strategy to do on deals
  • Why he thinks development is probably the most risky type of real estate investing
  • The strategy of investing as if the market is going to crash
  • Tips for finding your purpose
  • Advice on driving for dollars, street by street
  • How to get into direct mail marketing
  • And SO much more!

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Tweetable Topics:

  • “Sometimes it’s our suffering and our pain that becomes our purpose.” (Tweet This!)
  • “When you have a big goal, then some small setback is only a setback.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You fail frequently, you fail fast, and you fail forward.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. James Stevens

    This was an absolutely awesome podcast!! Some of the topics that Ryland talked about are pretty deep and I’ll, obviously, have to listen to this episode again (probably at least twice). But, it’s so great to hear how his biggest purpose and desires are with helping others. That is, totally, the way that all people should look at how they live their lives. I look forward to ya’ll bringing him back again.

  2. James Danchus

    Good podcast guys. It’s good to talk about failures and discuss how and why they happened. Not everything is roses and sunshine. He’d be a good person to have on one of your round-table sessions with Ben L., Surge, ect.

  3. Keli Landowski

    This was one of my favorite podcasts yet. I feel the same way about the 4 hour work week- I would much rather work 40+ hours a week doing something I love than have loads of free time on my hands. I also loved your message about finding your purpose and your way of contributing to the world- I totally agree.

    Thanks Ryland!

  4. Tek Chai

    Thanks and congratulations, Ryland! That’s really deep and helpful.
    Love your investor’s classes both in Bellevue, WA and Des Moines, WA.
    See you tonight’s wholesailing meeting at the Sound.

    Thanks Josh and Brandon too. Great podcast!

  5. Tek Chai

    Since April of 2016, a lot of things happen. Truly I feel the stress of his uncle when he lost $150K from Ryland’s first flip. Till this day, the name RYYYYYYYLAAAAAAAAAAAND haunts me and it has nothing to do with Friday the 13th or Halloween.

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