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Aiming to create passive income, I invested in rental properties—1,500 miles away from home. For years, I self-managed the properties. Everything was going well, until it wasn’t. Here’s why I decided to hire a property manager, and why I’ll never look back.

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Investing in real estate with low or no money down… Is it just a myth or can it really be done? There are in fact creative techniques you can use to start investing with only $1,000—or less. Here’s how it’s done.

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When peer pressure mounts, or the crowd around you urges you to say yes, or you feel compelled to compromise and give in, first lady Nancy Reagan told us in her war on drugs campaign to “Just Say No.” Learn how this concept relates to real estate and how huge industry players have used the same mantra to their benefit!


How to Organize Your Real Estate Documents

If you’re investing in real estate, you’re going to be filling out and receiving dozens of real estate documents. Keeping these documents safe, available, and organized is imperative if you want to continue making good investment decisions and ensure that your legal ownership and legal rights are protected.