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Good deals are the foundation of becoming a good real estate investor. There are many different methods of finding deals, but using an agent is still the way the majority of real estate is purchased—and it’s also the safest. Here’s why you should work with a real estate agent and what you should expect of them.

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The tax benefits of investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones are substantial. Real estate investors looking to take advantage of these perks must first set up a Qualified Opportunity Fund. Here’s how to do it.

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Real estate investors often become obsessed with metrics, walking away from what could’ve been a great deal because it fails to hit certain numbers. This is a mistake and can cost you big. Why? Because time is money. Let me explain.


The #1 Reason You Should Run Away From Turnkey Companies

Experience has led me to believe that the majority of turnkey companies out there are putting a ton of pressure on the investors that reach out to them to buy a property. If this is happening to you, run the other way—fast.