BiggerPockets Money Podcast 36: From Childhood Poverty to Financial Freedom by Age 32 with Jillian Johnsrud

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Jillian Johnsrud grew up lacking the privileges that many of us take for granted.

Jillian Johnsrud grew up poor, with an abusive step father and a mother unable to leave due to lack of funds. She emancipated herself during her junior year of high school, living in a camper in high school, waiting tables after class. Still, she managed to save $8,000 by the time she graduated.

She married young, and medical debt and student loan debt put her family in a tough starting position. From there, however, Jillian began building wealth. In adventures that span tons of different states and even a stint in Europe, Jillian was able to eliminate her debt and achieve financial freedom—all while never earning more than a median income.

Hear Jillian’s story of investing when everyone thinks you’re crazy, adopting a group of siblings, and “creating a life that is such a perfect fit she never wants to retire from it.”

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The backstory behind Jillion moving out on her own at a young age
  • How she found out she had huge debt
  • What motivated her to learn more about financial freedom
  • The advantages of having a roommate to pay half of the rent
  • How she saved $125k from doing regular jobs and simple side jobs
  • How she took of their children while working full-time
  • Why she bought a $50k house instead of a more expensive, nicer one
  • Their six children (including those they adopted)
  • The challenges they encountered with the fixer-upper properties they bought
  • How they’re taking a mini-retirement
  • Life changes they made and why they travel often
  • Thoughts on “looking poor”
  • And SO much more!

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  1. Chris M.

    This is my favorite episode thus far, Jillian is truly extraordinary! She started on home base and hit a home run, but on top of that, she fully directed the path of her life and gave others a much better life (adopting numerous grown children).

    We usually hear about people growing up on third base, in good homes with plenty of stability/support and perhaps given a college education that soon leads to a good salary that make it to FI. Those stories are impressive and everyone endures struggle, despite their upbringing/shaping, but they started with the head start that many people don’t have. This lady truly did it on her own and helped others along the way.

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