BiggerPockets Money Podcast 42: How to Invest in Real Estate with Joshua Dorkin & Brandon Turner

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Real estate is a hot topic right now, and who better to talk about the subject than BiggerPockets founder Joshua Dorkin and BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Podcast host Brandon Turner?

No one, that’s who.

So we went to these experts to gather up some excellent real estate advice. In this episode, we get a brief history of their experiences with finance and real estate and chat about their new book, How to Invest In Real Estate. Josh and Brandon also cover tips for managing your money while you save for your first investment, Josh’s inverted funnel analogy—and Brandon’s references to Harry Potter.

Thinking about adding real estate investing to your portfolio? This episode will educate and inspire you!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Josh’s story of entrepreneurship
  • Saving money for a “bigger toy”
  • Investing in stocks before college and saving six figures by college graduation
  • How BiggerPockets was born
  • Brandon’s money journey
  • 3 lessons Brandon’s parents taught him
  • How he got into real estate
  • Why Josh and Brandon love real estate
  • The 4 wealth generators of real estate
  • How loan pay down works
  • 3 options when living in an expensive city
  • Their opinion on the current state of the market
  • The biggest mistake people make with their finances
  • The reason people live paycheck to paycheck
  • Best practices for saving money
  • Their opinion on house hacking
  • The main thing about their book
  • Why people are scared to invest in real estate
  • The importance of advocating financial education
  • 2 different approaches to real estate
  • And SO much more!

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Tweetable Topics:

  • “For me, money has always been a means to an end. I’ve always saved more than I spent.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You can replace the cash needed with creativity.” (Tweet This!)
  • “There’s not any single one way to build wealth using real estate.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Life is not a race.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Stop worrying about everybody else, and worry about yourself.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Life doesn’t get better by chance; it gets better by change.” (Tweet This!)

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