BiggerPockets Money Podcast 44: DIY Your Way to FI with Tinian Crawford

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Tinian Crawford went to college—and took 6 years to complete his Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design. College just wasn’t for him—he didn’t enjoy it and didn’t get much out of it. He knew he needed a job, but wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

A series of odd jobs led to a position at a sign shop. Connecting the dots, he saw that many of the signs needed electricity and figured he’d be worth more if he was an electrician. After mentioning this to his wife, suddenly vocational brochures started to arrive in the mail. He chose the most expensive way to get his license and parlayed it into a minimum wage job until he was a journeyman electrician.

Tinian took some time to figure out his path, but is now on the way to financial independence, living the life he wants on the terms he chooses. If you think you’re too late for FI (spoiler alert: you’re not!), THIS is the episode that will change your mind and show you it IS possible, even if you’re not 20 years old.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Tinian spent much of his childhood building tree houses
  • The issue of not having financial language or experience
  • How he got help from his wife, who is a natural saver
  • How he lived the band life and didn’t have a long-term job after graduating from high school
  • How he became a licensed electrician
  • Other ways to get an electrician license
  • The salary he earns as an electrician
  • The benefits of being a skilled electrician
  • What their lifestyle looks like since they cut things out and started growing their income
  • How his wife helped him keep a lifestyle that makes sense
  • What happened after his wife had an accident
  • How podcasts helped them focus on cost-cutting
  • What knob-and-tube wiring is and why it can be dangerous
  • How he plans to achieve financial freedom
  • How they set aside money for childcare expenses
  • And SO much more!

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