BiggerPockets Money Podcast 55.5: Testing Your Portfolio BEFORE Retirement with Millennial Revolution

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A little over halfway into BiggerPockets Money Podcast episode 55, Bryce dropped a bombshell: “We had three years of runway before we actually pulled the trigger.” What he meant is that they tested their portfolio for three years before quitting their jobs. Bryce saw firsthand how it would work—and more importantly that it could work—and it gave him and Kristy the peace of mind they needed to retire early and travel the world.

We moved onto the next topic rather quickly, but this is something we couldn’t leave alone.

So we brought Kristy and Bryce back to dive into this topic, one that can help our listeners who may be on the fence about early retirement see that this truly works.

Bryce goes deep into details of their investments—and how he reviewed and reallocated every year for optimal performance.

If you’re looking for additional reassurance that early retirement is possible, this episode is what you’ve been looking for.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • What their portfolio looks like in a year leading up to them quitting their jobs
  • How tracking their performance helped them leave the workforce
  • And SO much more!

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  • “Our retirement age is not based off of our age but by how much money we have.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. Nina Nation

    Fantastic episode. I learned so much! I’ve been meaning to read about your yield shield. I’ve glossed over it but will go back and read and re-read….such a well-thought out plan. I really admire you guys! I’m a regular reader of your blog and can’t believe how much life has changed in 3 years. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see what the next 3 years brings!

    Oh, and I love how Bryce is just sitting around on some random Tuesday sipping wine in Madrid talking about Financial Independence! 🙂

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