BiggerPockets Money Podcast 55: How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World with Millennial Revolution

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Kristy Shen grew up poor. Knowing her parents couldn’t help her financially, she gave up her dreams of being a writer, and went to school to make big bucks as a software developer. She even graduated on the five-year program with an internship to limit her student debt and increase her chances of getting a job after graduation.

That gamble paid off and she was rewarded with a high stress job requiring her to be on call 24 hours a day. After seeing that same job stress almost kill a co-worker, she re-evaluated her own health issues, decided this path was ridiculous, and set out to make a change.

Kristy and Bryce share their journey through saving up enough to leave their jobs, the actual quitting process (it’s not as easy as you think) and into one of the worst ‘first years of early retirement’ – an oil crisis that sent their portfolio plummeting.

Clever tricks including their Yield Shield and Cash Cushion got them through their tumultuous first year, and ultimately proved that this DOES work, and you CAN retire early to travel the world.

If you’re yearning for another option outside the traditional career path and wish you had the time and resources to see all of the faraway places on your list, tune into this episode—and get inspired.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Bryce and Kristy’s journey with money 
  • Kristy’s fear-based relationship with money
  • How they made the practical decision to be financially secure 
  • Why being a pessimistic-optimistic combination made their lifestyle work out
  • Changing fear-based mentality to hope-based mentality 
  • How they ramped up their savings rate to 60% a year after graduating debt-free 
  • How they discovered financial independence 
  • How their lifestyle contrasted with that of their peers
  • Tips for getting over the hoarder mentality 
  • How they manage their expenses 
  • How they prepare for their world trip 
  • The idea of geographic arbitrage 
  • What their portfolio looks like in a year leading up to them quitting their jobs
  • What their typical day looks like when traveling 
  • The advantages of expat insurance
  • And SO much more!

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  • “Even if you make mistakes with investing, you can still recover.” (Tweet This!)
  • “The thing about growing up poor is that you never throw anything away because you never know when that might come in handy.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Quitting your job is not as easy as you think it is.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Past mistakes don’t define you, but you have to learn from them.” (Tweet This!)
  • “There is no mistake that devastates you permanently.” (Tweet This!)

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