BiggerPockets Podcast 243: “How I Built 7-Figures of Wealth on a Working-Class Salary” with Joe “JD” Martin

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Let’s be honest: not everyone is trying to buy hundreds or thousands of properties. In fact – just a small handful of incredible deals can help build impressive wealth AND great income. That’s the story you’ll hear today as we speak with Joe “JD” Martin, a real estate investor who’s building wealth while working his full-time job. As you’ll hear, JD had a rough start to his investing, losing over $100,000 on his first “deal,” but came back to create a stable, cash-flowing portfolio of single family houses that has given him financial freedom and over a million dollars in wealth. If that sounds like a plan you can get behind – don’t miss a moment of this powerful episode!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Losing six figures on the first deal
  • The number one problem of that failed deal
  • How Joe got back into investing again and the strategy he chose
  • The details on his first rehab
  • Landlords who hate being landlords
  • How the quality of tenants matter
  • The importance of knowing who you want to rent to
  • Having a day job while investing
  • A Simple investing strategy
  • How he finances his properties
  • What is Cashflow Recycling?
  • The freedom to do what you love to do
  • And SO much more!

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  • “A great place to live may not be a great place to sell to make some money.” (Tweet This!)
  • “There’s no one path that works for everyone.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You’re really just competing against yourself. There’s no competition.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. David Krulac

    Liked your BP Podcast a lot. Owning a dozen quality property free and clear is great. I’ve said before you don’t need 100 properties, which can be 100 headaches. And “free and clear” properties to me means that you don’t have that debt, which for me at one point was my biggest expense and I felt like after retiring from a full time job, I was working full time for the bank to pay those 50 mortgages. No more!
    David Krulac BP Podcast #82

  2. JD Martin

    Now I’ve got 30 minutes of fame 😀 Serious thanks to Josh Dorkin, Brandon Turner, Mindy Jensen, Dave Visaya, and everyone over there for the invite and the podcast – I had a lot of fun doing it and when I consider the quality of guests that have been on here it is so humbling and flattering to add my name to that list.

  3. Zoe Floyd

    Thank you Joe for the great “slow and steady” and quality landlording testimony.
    I’m partial to the hard work & persistence famous 4 answer. Forwarded the link to someone I know because of it… who could certainly use hearing your story and perspective.

    Continued blessings and success in your business and life.
    ~ Zoeimy Floyd

  4. Julie Marquez

    This has got to be one of my favorite podcast! I already love your comments and interactions on the forum, and now it was great to “meet” via the podcast! I wouldn’t say you are an “average joe,” since having 12 rental properties is far exceeding average. I think it is approachable and realistic real estate. I also want easy, and don’t want to be a mega investor, just enough to get by and be happy. I love your story, and I think more stories like that should be told and be proud of.

  5. Mike Dymski

    JD, I enjoy your posts; so, I listened to the podcast and it was excellent. Many investors over-complicate real estate investing and your strategy is a great road map for all of us.

    You have achieved far more life “success” than many of the guests with boatloads of units. I am currently reading the book that you mentioned, Your Money or Your Life, and you are living the principles…well done!

  6. Kimberly Norris

    Thank you so much for sharing your life experience in the real estate world. My husband and I are fairly new to real estate investing and trying to push through. We enjoyed your podcast! Great inspiration to not give up and stay the course. Best of luck to you pursuing your business!

  7. Nathan G.

    Great job, JD! My favorite podcasts are the ones with regular folks in smaller communities with realistic goals. You’re a great example for those interested in responsible investing rather than over-leveraging to build a huge portfolio.

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