BiggerPockets Podcast 300: How to Invest in Real Estate—The Ultimate Show for Getting Started with Josh Dorkin, Brandon Turner, and 11 Rockstar Investors

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What is the best way to get started investing in real estate? The problem with this question is that there are SO many different pieces of advice. That’s why we’re excited to bring you one of the most unique episodes of the BiggerPockets Podcast we’ve ever had. In this episode, Josh Dorkin is back—and he and Brandon deliver a series of interviews with some of the past guests from the BiggerPockets Podcast, including David Greene, Kenyon Meadows, Andrew Cushman, Arianne Lemire, Darren Sager, Ryan Murdock, Tim Shiner, Anson Young, Zeona McIntyre, and Ben Leybovich.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why live and rent with Tim Shiner
  • Darren Sager on what real estate investing strategy to focus on
  • How to know if you’re ready with Ben Leybovich
  • How Zeona McIntyre converts any kind of property into rentals
  • Anson Young’s thoughts on when to tackle projects with grit and when to quit
  • Why Kenyon Meadows thinks you should find an in-person mentor
  • David Greene’s “one thing”
  • How Arianne Lemire analyzes a deal each day
  • Why Andrew Cushman focuses on process rather than outcome
  • Ryan Murdock’s concept of cash reserves
  • How to live-in flip with Mindy Jensen
  • And SO much more!

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Tweetable Topics:

  • “I really don’t care that much if I’m negative or positive. My bigger thing is appreciation.” —Tim Shiner (Tweet This!)
  • “You can’t do something until you are ready to do it.” —Ben Leybovich (Tweet This!)
  • “Everything that we do has a process.” —Brandon Turner (Tweet This!)
  • “You can go for an online course or YouTube videos, but you cannot replace that in-person mentor.” —Kenyon Meadows (Tweet This!)
  • “Stop thinking that what you need is someone to hold your hand and walk you through this.” —David Greene (Tweet This!)
  • “Daily, consistent action will lead to great results.” —Arianne Lemire (Tweet This!)
  • “Focus on the process and not the outcome.” —Andrew Cushman (Tweet This!)
  • “Failure is not a failure if you learn from it.” —Andrew Cushman (Tweet This!)

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  1. PAblo Alejandro

    On the Poscast Zeona Mcintyre mentioned pricing software for her Airbnb rentals (Switch to that), I’ve googled it but can’t find any info on it. Is there a link available on here? Thanks in advance.
    PS. Thank you for all the info you provide on here …

  2. Cam Jimmy

    Awesome Podcast! I’ve recommended this to a few newbie friends so far. Bigger pockets has helped me start my own journey a couple years ago, and my net worth has gone up significantly since then. Thank you Josh, Brandon, Mindy, Scott, David, and all the other employees! Super happy to have came across BP!

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