Cyber Monday Sale: Save Up to 75% Off BiggerPockets Books!

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Remember when Black Friday was just… Black Friday?

Well, lucky for us, the sales just keep going! Only a few days left to snag a book… or two… or three… at an unbelievably low price. Celebrate until Cyber Monday with deals up to 75% off all BiggerPockets books!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. There are just TOO many books on sale. How do I decide which is best for me?

Don’t worry, we whipped up this handy-dandy guide for the BiggerPockets bookstore. Take a look below, and remember: all of our books have something great to offer to newbies and advanced investors alike! Click the cover for more details.

I’m new to real estate investing. Which is a good book to get me started?


I want a high-level view of real estate investing. Which book has it all?

I’m all about financial freedom, personal finance, and the F.I.R.E. movement. What should I read?


I’m interested in flipping houses. Is there a guide for my next (or first) renovation project?


Psst… You can pre-order the upcoming SECOND EDITION of these books at a discounted sale price, too!

Which is the best book for a real estate agent (or someone listing a house FSBO)?

How about the best book for a landlord (or landlord-to-be)?

I’m stuck in a seller’s market. What can I do to continue actively investing?


There are only a few months left until tax season, and I want to save as much money as possible!

I’m interested in something a little more complex. How can I creatively finance my next deal?


 Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, we all have one thing in common: There’s always more to learn! Now’s your best chance to snag some BiggerPockets books at crazy low prices. Take a look at before Cyber Monday is over, and take your real estate knowledge to the next level.
Which books will you be picking up?
Let us know with a comment!

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