BiggerPockets Podcast 279: How to Find Overlooked Opportunities in a Hot Market with Andrew Cushman

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Are you ready to jump into real estate investing, but don’t believe you can find deals in today’s hot market? In this episode, we sit down with multifamily expert Andrew Cushman, who’s actively doing deals in today’s market — and turning big profits. In this show, Andrew explains how he’s finding deals, what metrics he uses to qualify them, where he’s buying today, and what his secret tricks are for finding the “overlooked opportunities” most investors miss — including how he found an amazing deal in the “trash can” for bad deals!

You’ll love hearing how Andrew creates millions of dollars in equity and builds relationships with deal-finders so that they bring him the best deals first. Be sure to download this episode and share it with your friends, so you, too, can master the secrets that the pros are using to snag killer deals!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Andrew’s backstory
  • How to make deals rather than find them
  • The ABCD neighborhoods — what are they?
  • What specific properties Andrew is looking for
  • His effective screening criteria for finding properties
  • An in-depth story on one deal
  • Net operating income (NOI)
  • Understanding how properties are valued
  • Challenges Andrew faced over the years
  • Finding great contractors
  • Andrew’s many rental property units
  • And SO much more!

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  • “The person who wants it the most, loses.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You can completely destroy an investment with the wrong people managing it.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Don’t wait to buy Real estate. Instead, buy real estate and wait.” (Tweet This!)
  • “The best way to spot a great deal is to look at 99 bad ones.” (Tweet This!)

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    • Andrew Cushman


      Yes, our first multifamily purchase was in the summer of 2011, so we have been doing this full time for just less than 7 years. You certainly could be in a similar position in 5-10 years, as I know guys who have done double what I’ve done in the same amount of time!


  1. csilla veress

    Thank you. Thank you.
    I have been really looking outside my market for a way to invest (living in the SFO/northern CA overpriced market) and there are such key points that are already helping me structure my searches. for population growth – thank you! Median home income information…the conversation was just really amazing. I saw you at the 1lifefullylived conference but this was even more impactful.
    Thank you. Csilla

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