Business Management

Business Management can often be similar across many industries and types of enterprises. Successful real estate investors treat their investments like a business and run them professionally. This section of the BiggerPockets Blog contains articles that can help journeyman investors systematize and professionally run their real estate businesses.

Topics include hiring, management, business policy, and scaling. These articles are written by some of the best investors in the business, and in regions throughout the country.


Solo 401ks may seem like a dream come true, but when you’re busy investing or running a business, the management of a 401k can get overlooked. Mistakes can be costly. Making sure your plan is compliant comes down to five easy steps.

Time Is Money: 5 Tips to Be a More Efficient Real Estate Agent

You can be really busy without getting much done. Being efficient not only means being effective and getting results, but getting more done in the time you have. It’s why some people are so successful and achieve so much more with the 24 hours a day they have.


If you are a real estate investor or thinking of becoming one, it is imperative that you understand the legal issues involved in order to protect your assets. One of the most important decisions you have to make regards the legal structuring of your real estate business — or what is more commonly known as an LLC.


There are clear differences in the habits and mindsets of the most successful and everyone else from my perspective. These factors are more important than whether you went to college, where you were born and grew up, your IQ, and how much money you have right now.


Don’t just meander through the work day. Get things done and then go have some genuine fun. But how can you do that? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are 10 of the best methods I’ve used and seen used that I would recommend incorporating into your life.


Everyone is productive in the first few weeks of January, but how do you stay on track for the long haul? Here are 25 hacks and habits that have helped me skyrocket my productivity, efficiency, and success in 2018!

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