Investor Stories and Lessons

Real estate investing is a continual learning process. Mistakes and lessons learned characterize almost every investor’s career. The great thing about BiggerPockets is that it allows you to learn from the triumphs and failures of other investors around the country. Spending the time to learn from others’ experience can significantly speed up your real estate portfolio growth and help you to avoid setbacks.

This section of the BiggerPockets Blog is dedicated to those types of posts that help investors become successful in real estate and avoid mistakes that others have made in the past. You can read up on more similar stories and discussions in our Real Estate Success Stories Forum.

Investor Stories and Lessons analytical-negotiation

As seasoned real estate investors we can typically grasp if a local real estate opportunity is a “good deal”. However during the course of your due diligence and pre-closing process you, the investor, can possibly sabotage yourself and your investing business without the slightest idea of doing so. Below is a short list of verbal and situational clues to keep aware of while investing logically.

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