Personal Finance Essentials


You may have heard investors buzzing about self-directed Bitcoin IRAs and other “hot” new products. But before you can decide whether you want to start moving money out of your IRA and toward a cryptocurrency investment, it’s best to have some grasp of what cryptocurrency actually is. Read on!


Few things are quite as important in the business-and-investing world as access to capital. Unless you have piles of cash in the bank, you are likely going to need access to credit to fund your deals. Here are five ways to make sure your score is in top shape.


Whether you’re just starting out, looking to minimize your debt, or you’re an old real estate warhorse like me looking to crunch it down quickly, these tips should help you reach your goals while you maintain or are on your way to financial freedom.


Being broke is a condition, but being poor is a mindset. Most of us are broke at some point in life, but we can move past that and not let it ruin our lives. In this video, I offer five suggestions that have worked in my life to help make sure I never struggle financially again — so you won’t either!

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