3 Vital Ways to Increase Your Chances of Success in Real Estate Investing

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So, you’ve dedicated yourself to real estate education. You’ve read a few books and bookmarked your favorite blog articles. Maybe you’ve even analyzed a property or two. But what now?

Real estate investing is a journey, and you’ll likely find that most investors you meet never stop learning, networking, or growing in their understanding of how to run their business and expand their portfolio. What can you do to continually improve yourself and your chances of building wealth through real estate? Here are my top three suggestions.

1. Don’t Let Your Education Fade

Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” We find this incredibly applicable to landlords. Just because you have come to the end of this book, don’t think your educational journey is over.

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If you are not a regular listener of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we would invite you to start there. Each week, The BiggerPockets Podcast brings you interviews with real-life real estate investors from across the country, sharing their stories and strategies for being a successful real estate investor. Many of the guests are landlords, some with hundreds of units, and the lessons you’ll learn each week will blow you away.

Best of all, the Podcast is free. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can find it in iTunes, and if you have an Android phone, find it on the Stitcher app. Or if you simply want to listen on your computer, just head to http://www.BiggerPockets.com/podcast.

So keep learning, keep growing, and stay young.

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2. Connect With Local Landlords

Next, connect with local landlords in your area! You can learn a lot from them (both what TO do and what NOT to do) and share ideas, contractors, and resources. Don’t be an island; reach out there and start building relationships. If you are unaware of local investors, check out www.BiggerPockets.com/meet to search BiggerPockets members. With hundreds of thousands of members, chances are there are many experienced investors right there in your town.

3. Stick Close to the BiggerPockets Forums

Finally, when you have questions that need specific answers, ask them in the world’s largest real estate question forum: the BiggerPockets Forums. Each day there are thousands of conversations taking place, with hundreds of real-life landlords volunteering their time to help guide those people who have questions. So jump on today and introduce yourself to the community in the New Member Introduction Forum, and then start asking questions when you have them.

We’ll all be there for you. If you don’t yet have a free BiggerPockets account, sign up today at www.BiggerPockets.com and join the only social network dedicated toward making its members financially free.

What steps do you take to continue your actions towards success?

Weigh in below!

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  1. Scott Wheelington

    Brandon I would love to meet you, buy you dinner and pick your brains on your success. I am just starting in this business and right now I know very little and I feel like i’m blinded by the lack of all the things I need to know and how to get started. I really need an investor and I can probably do the res mainly because my finances are not very good ad my credit score is probably not either. Any advice you can give me as a newbie?

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