BiggerPockets has brought together some of the most influential and important people in the real estate industry for our readers to learn and get inspired from. We’ve got a great lineup of pending interviews including the who’s who in real estate. Check back often!

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We launched the BiggerPockets Podcast in January 2013 to great fanfare. The show has produced a ton of great feedback and even made it into the top 10 of all business podcasts on iTunes for a short while. Check out the following interviews, and if you listen on iTunes, please take a minute to leave us a review to help us better compete with other shows.

Presenting the BiggerPockets Real Estate Interview Series

William Bronchick CAREI Interview  Barbara Corcoran

Rob Hahn  Hugh Kelly

Bruce Norris of the Norris Group  Rick Sharga - RealtyTrac VP

Jay Thompson - The Phoenix Real Estate Guy  Peter Zalewski of CondoVultures

We’re always looking for successful leaders in real estate to interview. If you or your client would be interested in taking part in one, please contact us

Real Estate & Investor Interviews: Video Interview Series

Watch our video interview series as we learn more about the real estate investors who are making it happen.

Meet The Investor Interviews

Learn more about some of your fellow BiggerPockets members with the Meet the Investor interviews. We’ve met with investors of various levels of experience and success to help inspire you to succeed.

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BiggerPockets Success Story Interviews

As more and more of our members go on to find business success as a result of BiggerPockets, we will be bringing you their stories.