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Free Soda Cans

How could something as simple as a soda can help you get motivated seller leads?

When I first heard about this marketing strategy I was immediately intrigued by how “outside the box” this strategy was.

Just imagine you being known throughout your local community as the guy or gal who takes down real estate deals armed with nothing but…a Soda Can!

Before you say this will never work… Let me say that someone has already tried this strategy I’m about to reveal to you. I’ll be straight up with you though…I’m not sure if they were able to generate a profit.

With that said,  I’m one to follow that old saying… “Don’t knock it, until you try it.”

Entrepreneurs and Marketers are always testing new ideas.

Also, there is a BIG Company using this strategy as well…I’ll show you that in a minute.

Many marketers would refer to this marketing method as…Guerilla Marketing or Bum Marketing. (Low Cost Marketing)


Real Estate Buyers List for WholesalersWholesaling houses is much easier when you have a list of active buyers lined up ready to purchase your deals. I personally spend just as much time looking for deals as I do looking for buyers. I am always on the hunt for new buyers, and as a result, I am usually able to unload my wholesale deals within hours of putting them under contract.

The following is a list of my three favorite methods for locating new buyers. If you implement one or more of these strategies and follow through on a consistent basis, you will have yourself a nice, healthy buyers list in no time.

Here we go…