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Investor Stories and Lessons keep_it_real

Below are three examples of when being 100% honest with people has come back to bite me in the behind. I am happy to say that none of these events were fatal to my business however I wish I had known about them prior to making these silly mistakes.

Business Management banish_negativity

This article is dedicated to help you cut the negative and detrimental influences from your personal and business life once and for all. This is something I have personally struggled with in the past and have since come to see the immense value in building a core group of like-minded best friends.

Business Management extra_mile_real_estate_investing

Some of the most lucrative and experience filled lessons have come real estate deals that were slightly to moderately challenging to close. In fact, whether other investors tried and failed, I was able to prevail. Below are 3 stories that stress the advantages and benefits of going the extra mile for your sellers.

Editor's Choice start_real_estate_investing

It is an honor for me to have the podium to help others with my victories, as well as my challenges. This is a story of both. I have told The Story of My 1st Deal on Land many times to friends, family members, and on stage however I rarely go into the detail as I have below. Please enjoy the story of my very first dollar in real estate.

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